Repaire iPhone X Ear Speaker Not Working Issue
The iPhone ear speaker problems occurred for many reasons. In most cases, the faulty is caused by the ear speaker flex. In this article, I will show you how to solve this problem mainly by jumping wire solder on the iPhone X Ear Speaker Flex Cable. Check the steps below.

Generally speaking, there are five main parts in the ear speaker flex:

Repaire iPhone X Ear Speaker Not Working Issue

1. An encrypted flood illuminator

2. An encrypted ambient light sensor for true tone, which won’t work after ambient light sensor replacement. You can fix it with JC V1S Receiver FPC Test Board if the parts is out of order.

3. A secondary microphone for sound recording when shooting a video.
4. An ear speaker.

5. A proximity sensor.

Step 1. Find Damaged Ear Speaker Flex Cable Part

1. Turn on the iPhone and make a phone call, or play a video. We can see no sounds from the phone ear speaker, but other functions are all normal.

2. Takedown the phone, remove the screws on the charging port with Mechanic iShell Screwdriver. Open the screen, take down the bracket with tweezer, disconnect the battery, take down the screen.

3. Take off the iPhone X Display Assembly, measure the J4600 cable’s resistance to see if the values are normal. all the values are normal. Then we measure the ear speaker flex connector’s resistance. Values are normal, too. 

Repaire iPhone X Ear Speaker Not Working Issue

4. Check the ear speaker flex, there is a crack. Take-down the ear speaker flex, it has been damaged.

Step 2. Repairing  by Jumping Wire Solder

1. Place the iPhone X ear speaker with flex on the silicone heat station and under the Trinocular Stereo Microscope, fix the flex on the silicone pad.

Repaire iPhone X Ear Speaker Not Working Issue

2. Scrape off the rubber protector with tweezers aside from the broken part of the flex. Be careful on scrapping.

3. Clean the flex, and apply some soldering flux to it. Coat in the copper wire and solder a Mechanic 0.009m Jumping Wire on the scrapped copper wire, jump across the broken part.

Repaire iPhone X Ear Speaker Not Working Issue

Step 3. Power on and Test

Install the ear speaker flex. Connect the screen flex and battery flex. Install the phone, power on and test.

The ear speaker, the loudspeaker, the proximity sensor, the secondary microphone , Face ID, the true tone all works well. Problem solved.

Repaire iPhone X Ear Speaker Not Working Issue

Here are ways to fix the ear speaker flex cable software issue.

1. Turn Up The Volume When Making A Phone Call

It’s important to keep in mind that the earpiece speaker volume is set independently of the other volume on your iPhone. It can only be set while you’re making a phone call.

2. Remove The Case and Clean Out All The Speakers And Microphones

Remove your iPhone from its case and clean out the speakers and the microphones using an anti-static brush and a microfiber cloth.

3. Turn Off Phone Noise Cancellation
How to: Open Settings-Tap Accessibility-Audio/Visual-Turn off Phone Noise Cancellation.

Repaire iPhone X Ear Speaker Not Working Issue

4. Reset All Settings
How to: Open Settings and tap General -> Reset -> Reset All Settings.

The iPhone X ear speaker consists of the speaker and the flex cable ribbon. When there is a crack or break on the flex, this may also cause the ear speaker not working. So you need repair carefully. You can follow the China Phonefix mentioned to solve software and hardware problem on the flex cable.

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