Review iRepair P10 DFU BOX Programmer
iRepair P10 or iBox DFU BOX non-removal programmer is vital tools for iPhone and iPad repair. iRepair P10 DFU BOX support one-click unpack WiFi Data of NAND for 6S/6SP/7/7P/8/8P/X demolition-free when removing and changing IC kits.
Review iRepair P10 DFU BOX Programmer
Besides, iRepair P10 DFU BOX is designed to read and write the iPhone serial number, Bluetooth/WiFi code, model, country, camera  and all other syscfg data without disassembling.

It can enter into the DFU ( Development Firmware Upgrade) one-click, that is, the iPhone firmware forced lifting mode.

When do you need iRepair-P10?

For iPhone 6/6P, 6S, 6SP, 7/7P, 8/8P, or X remove the hard disk chip without removing it, you need to use an iRepair Box to read and write hard disk data.

For iPhone 6S/6SP/7/7P/8/8P/X unbind the hard disk and WiFi encryption, you need to use an iRepair Box.

Main Function and How-to Technique

1. WiFi replacement

The WiFi IC can be replaced directly without removing Nand, and connect iPhone to iBox to unbind WIFl.
Review iRepair P10 DFU BOX Programmer
2. Motherboard replacement

There is no need to remove Nand flash from motherboard, and Nand SYSCFG data can be read/written directly from iRepair P10.

3. Expand Nand storage

You need to back up the Nand data by iBox, assemble the iPhone/iPad after replacing the Nand flash, and then use iRepair P10 box to write the Nand data directly.

4. Unlock iPad

Connect the iPad to iBox, write the right data(SN/BT/WiFi) to Nand, restore the iPad, and activate it.

In a word, you can program the iPhone/iPad Nand flash without removing.
Supported models: iPhone 7/7P/8/8P/X More iPhone/iPad models will be supported in the future.


1. Will there be a fee for future upgrades?
Upgrades are free! More models will be supported continuously.

2. What models are supported?
Currently, supports iPhone 6/6P/6S/6SP/7/7P/8/8P/X.
iPad mini/2/3/4/5/6/Pro.

3. Does it need to connect to a computer? Is there a software platform?
Review iRepair P10 DFU BOX Programmer
Yes, you need to connect to the computer network to use. With free software platform, it supports Win7/8/10, MAC system.

4. Does it support iPxd models?
Yes, but you need update the software first.

5. When repair and replace the iPhone 8/8P/X WiFi chip, does it need to remove its hard disk?

The hard disk data of 8/8P/X models is matched and encrypted with the WiFi chip, so the repair and replacement of the WiFi chip must be unbound once for the hard disk data.

And the hard disk chip can be unbound with one click! No dismantling!

6. What data can be programmed with hard disk data?

Hard disk bottom layer, serial number, model, region, color, WiFi code, Bluetooth code, cellular code, motherboard code, supervision code, fingerprint code, fingerprint string, LCD code, battery code, front camera code, rear camera code, cover plate code.

7. Can I pass Aisiquan lv?

Over green is only for machines that have not been connected to Aisi. You can use 3uTools or hourglass inspection software to read the data, and then modify the data through iRepair Box without disassembling the hard disk.

After the data modification is completed, use 3uTools or hourglass inspection software to check and read again. Whether the value is the same as the factory value, if it is the same, it will turn all green when connected to Aisi Assistant.

Before connecting to Aisi's assistant's mobile phone, Aisi recorded the popular machine, but it can't change the whole lv.

But there are two preconditions:
1. Make sure that the mobile phone has not been connected to Aisi.
2. The production date of the camera must be earlier than the production date of the motherboard.

If the production date of the camera is later than the date of the motherboard, to be green, you must first change the mobile phone to an official replacement.

More details about support models:
Review iRepair P10 DFU BOX Programmer
IRepair P10 DFU Box Support models:
V1.6 for iphone SE / 6/6P / 6S / 6SP / 7/7 / P / 8 / 8P / X
V2.1 for iPad mini4, A1538, A1550
IPad Air2 A1566 A1567
IPad5 (2017) A1822
IPad6 (2018) A1893
IPxd Pro (10.5) A1701 ... A1709
IPxd Pro2 (12.9) A1670 ... A1671 ... A1821
Review iRepair P10 DFU BOX Programmer
V2.2 for iPad Air 2 A1566, A1567
V2.8 for iPad 7 (2019) A2197, A2198, A2200
iRepair P10 NEW Update: V3.0 for iPad_Air,  iPad_mini2,  iPad_mini3
iBox NEW Update: V3.0 for iPad_Air,  iPad_mini2,  iPad_mini3
iPad Air A1474 A1475 A1476
mini2 A1489  A1490  A1491
mini3  A1599  A1600  A1601

iBox NEW Update: for iPad_Air, iPad_mini2, iPad_mini3
Irepair p10

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