The 5 Most Useful Phone Repair Tools in 2024

Not every phone user can afford to buy a new phone when they encounter a minor problem, which is why phone repair tools are popular. With the right tools, DIY enthusiasts and smartphone repairers can easily fix their smartphones without spending too much money. Phonefix has summarized the top five phone repair tools that you can take advantage of in 2024.

Smartphones are expensive, and even budget options are not cheap to buy continuously. Therefore, the mobile phone repair industry is the rise of another advantaged group. But the share of the new machine is still the majority. If you don't believe it, you can take a look at the data.

In 2022, the global mobile phone repair market revenue reached $1.3 billion, 66% of consumers worldwide reported device damage, and 30% of consumers had cracked screens. According to industry reports, by 2027, this market will exceed $210 billion, which means it will continue to grow as the number of smartphone users increases.

Soldering Station
When a phone part is broken or components are loose, a soldering station is the perfect repair tool to put it back together. A soldering station consists of a soldering tip, wires, and a small generator that can be used to repair phones.

The best part is that soldering stations come with control options that help users adjust the heat of the tool to meet the requirements of various soldering jobs. Due to this feature, most consumers consider these soldering stations more convenient than traditional soldering.

Also, soldering stations may be analog or digital, depending on the mode of operation. Moreover, each type offers different temperature control and precision. For example, analog soldering stations turn on and off to keep the device at the recommended temperature, while digital soldering stations use PID control for greater precision.

While a soldering station is an essential tool for phone repair (Google Ads says there are 27,100 searches per month), it's important to make sure it's anti-static. A poorly made soldering station can damage sensitive parts of your phone. So it's important to choose the right soldering station, trust phonefix, quality and quantity.

Screwdriver Sets
According to data, screwdriver sets are also an indispensable tool for mobile phone repairs, with an average monthly search volume of 74,000 (based on Google data). Screwdriver sets come with screwdrivers of different sizes to help disassemble and reassemble mobile phones.
Since the screws on mobile phones are small and difficult to reach, businesses should purchase slim screwdriver sets with non-slip handles to help improve work efficiency. A good screwdriver set is durable and versatile, this set is a must-have for any repair toolkit.

Fine-tipped Curved Tweezers
Smartphones have very tiny parts that are impossible to pick with your hands. But they can be handled easily with fine-tipped curved tweezers.

These tweezers have curved tips that make it easy to pick up and handle tiny components/screws. They also provide improved visibility, access, and control in any repair job.
Fine-tipped curved tweezers can also help with delicate repair activities, like removing tapes, reseating flex cables, and releasing connections. The best types of fine-tipped curved tweezers are made of stainless steel, ensuring both durability and a long shelf life.

Plastic Triangular Opening Tool
While opening a smartphone may seem simple, it is actually quite difficult. But that’s why people who repair phones need plastic triangular opening tools. As the name suggests, they are triangular plastic tools with prying capabilities at each corner. But that’s not all. They also help consumers install replacement parts easily and safely.

While the plastic triangular opening tool is generally small, lightweight, and user-friendly, it can easily separate the outer glass on all touch screens. With it, users can easily move and slide around the outer shell of any device - and they can do it all without damaging the glass screen, LCD, or other important components.

Despite its humble appearance, the plastic triangular opening tool has made a splash in the phone repair industry (Google Ads shows that consumer interest jumped from 30 in 2022 to 90 searches in October 2023).

Precision Knife Set
A precision knife set is essential in mobile phone repairs and comes in handy for any phone or tablet repair. Typically, a multi-purpose set consists of a durable metal handle and up to six different blades. Thus, consumers can handle a variety of tasks, from opening the device to removing old, dirty adhesive to replacing brand new adhesive.

But that's not all. The precision knife set is also useful in screen repairs, especially when consumers have to cut fine strips of double-sided adhesive. In addition to this, it is also suitable for tinning, removing glue, cutting bracket glue, removing back covers, etc. Prying off various cable brackets, shoveling batteries, etc., removing back covers, prying off CPUs, etc. Prying off the plastic casings of various electronic products, removing back covers, etc.
As long as smartphones exist, mobile phone repair tools will never be outdated. Mobile phone repair tools are needed by people who repair mobile phones, and they can help smartphone users save money without having to replace new phones.

Regardless of the condition of the phone, consumers need these repair tools to effectively solve related problems. Screwdriver sets handle the disassembly/assembly of mobile phones, and triangular opening tools or precision tool sets help release adhesives.

Fine-tipped curved tweezers help consumers pick up tiny, delicate parts, and soldering stations are a must for installing replacement parts. Therefore, this big trend will continue. The handiness of our tools is a further guarantee of our work and efficiency.

The above are the five major categories of repair tools that should be purchased this year, and we also have other types of repair tools. Making your repair simple is our creed to customers. Phonefix will continue to update the latest  Phone Repair Tools to provide more convenience to consumers.

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