The 6 Best Film Cutting Machine For iPhone Electronics Repairs
When dealing with electronic repair tasks (such as mobile phone / tablet / watch screen hydrogel film), having a good Mechanic Film Cutter is essential. It can be used in various industries to cut and process different types of films, including window films, vinyl, protective screen films and iPhone / tablet / watch screen hydrogel films.

In this article, we will introduce 6 mechanical film cutters from Mechanic. Mechanic unlimited film cutter has unlimited cutting times and is suitable for all brands of films.

Top 6 Best Film Cutting Machine:

  • Mechanic C300 film cutting machine: for 12-inch film.
  • Mechanic E260 film cutting machine: for 7-inch film.
  • Mechanic E260 Pro film cutting machine: for 7-inch film.
  • Mechanic E360 film cutting machine: for 12-inch film.
  • Mechanic E360 Max film cutting machine: for 16-inch film.
  • Mechanic M860 film cutting machine: for 12-inch film.

All recommended Mechanic film cutters are from the Mechanic brand, known for its high-quality instruments. Designed for beginners and professionals in a variety of repair fields, such as mobile phone repair shops and personal workshops, these Mechanic film cutters are suitable for tasks involving iPhone Screen hydrogel repairs.

Mechanic Film Cutting Machine:

1. Mechanic C300 film cutting machine

The MECHANIC C300 intelligent flexible hydrogel film cutting machine is a versatile device designed for cutting protective films for various electronic devices.

The mechanical intelligent film cutting machine can connect to Bluetooth + WiFi, manually/automatically feed the film, has 10 high-precision adjustment of the blade depth, and can cut different thicknesses. It is widely used in mobile phone front and back films, Pads, watches, cameras, speakers, POS machines, game consoles, AirPods, etc.

2. Mechanic E260/E260 Pro Film Cutting Machine

The Mechanic E260 is a film cutting machine designed for making Screen Protectors and other protective films for various devices.

The E260 Pro has cloud intelligence and automatic sensing functions, which is efficient and user-friendly. This machine is ideal for those who want to produce customized screen protectors and other protective films accurately and easily.
The device automatically adjusts cutting parameters through advanced sensor technology to ensure accurate cutting film size and stable quality. 30,000+ real-time data updates, supporting cutting below 7 inches. Suitable for front and back films of mobile phone models/watch earphones/camera screens/speakers, etc.

3. Mechanic E360/E360 Max Film Cutting Machine

Mechanic E360/E360 Max is designed for precise cutting of hydrogel films up to 16 inches. It supports a variety of devices, including mobile phones, watches, AirPods and cameras.
The device cuts 20,000+ models and supports cutting up to 12/16-inch films. It has cloud-based intelligent control, noiseless operation and unlimited cutting capacity. It can automatically feed films and run noiselessly, making it an ideal choice for mobile phone stores and repair centers.

It has cloud-based intelligent control, noiseless operation and unlimited cutting capacity. It is suitable for various films, such as explosion-proof films, TPU soft films, back films, bottom films, original blue light eye protection films, anti-peep films, OCA dry glue, etc.

4. Mechanic M860 film cutting machine

The MECHANIC M860 is a smart precision cutting machine designed for cutting hydrogel films for devices such as mobile phones, watches and iPads. It has WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, a touch screen and high cutting accuracy.

The device is a large touch screen display, supports 15 languages, is equipped with an automatic sensor, and does not need to worry about film pasting problems at all. The cutting accuracy can reach 0.01mm, 30S fast cutting, and is quiet and noiseless.

Data comparison of different models:

Mechanical film cutters are essential tools in all walks of life, whether for mobile phones, tablets, window films, vinyl and protective screen films, etc. Below are the specific data of 6 film cutters.

To Conclude

You can get the 6 film cutters introduced above in the China Phone store. Phone provides you with iPhone Repair Tools suitable for beginners and professionals in various DIY repair industries.

Whether you need a mechanical film cutter for complex electronic repairs or general home DIY repairs, these mechanical film cutters from China Phonefix can provide you with different needs.
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