The Best Ways to Protect and Fix iPhone Back Glass

With the development of technology, people pay more attention to the appearance of mobile phones, and the function is becoming more and more abundant. most mobile phones have developed into glass bodies such as iPhone, Samsung, Huawei... Although the hardness of the glass back cover is high and it is not easy to bend, but once it receives enough external force, it will break directly. Today, China Phonefix Team will tell you the best ways to protect and fix iPhone back glass as follows:

The Best Ways to Protect and Fix iPhone Back Glass

How to Protect iPhone Back Glass?

1. Try not to hang decorations with hard materials on the phone. Hard objects on the decorations can easily damage the phone body.

2. Buy a durable iPhone protective cover, which can also reduce the damage to the mobile phone when it falls and protect back glass in a good way.

How to Fix iPhone Back Glass?

After the iPhone back glass is broken, if you only see slight scratches on the back of the phone, although it does not look beautiful, it will not affect the functions of texting, calling, etc. You can use the phone case to prevent more Damage.

But if there are more than minor scratches, the glass on the back of the phone may cause cuts and scratches on your hands. Eventually, large pieces of back glass may even begin to fall off the device, exposing internal components. So it's better to get another iPhone back glass replacement before further damage.

If your device is under the AppleCare warranty, please contact the warranty provider for details. The Apple Store must ship your device to a repair center. Although warranty repairs may cost less, they may prevent you from using your device for a few days.

The Best Ways to Protect and Fix iPhone Back Glass

Another option is DIY rear glass repair. Although this may help you save a few dollars, we strongly recommend that you leave the repair to a professional technician. The repair process requires a lot of tools like phone disassembly kits and other professional tools. If you don't do it properly, your phone may suffer more damage than it was at the beginning, especially the rear camera housing. 

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