Top 5 Best Polish Grinding Pens Reviews 2022
With so many options of grinding polishing pen out there, such as Qianli, Mechnic, MA-Ant, and more, how to choose the best ones you want? No worries, China Phonefix've put together the top 5 Best Tool Wireless Grinding Pens for you.
Our expert team has searched and evaluated a wide range of tool post grinding wheels ranging in price from $10 to $30. We picked Tool SG-02 Rechargeable Polishing Grinding Pen as our preferred option.

Scroll through the rest of our list and check out the buying guide if you're not sure what to look for!

1. Qianli SG-02 Polishing Grinding Pen $11.55

Top 5 Best Polish Grinding Pens Reviews 2022
Qianli SG-02 smart grinding pen is a portable rechargeable DIY engraving grinding and it can be used for phone lcd screen residue, OCA glue adhesive remover, cutter shovel, and other DIY clean repair tool.

SG-02 Smart Polishing Pen
1. Speed 5000-10000-18000 three gears
2. Adapt to the diameter of the grinding head 2.35mm
3. The use time is more than 1 hour without load in the third gear
4. Automatically turn off the light and power off when fully charged

Brand: Mega-Idea
Grinding head diameter: 2.35MM
Product Name: Smart Electric Polishing Pen
Power: 10W
Net weight: 45g
Speed: 5000-10000- 18000 three gears
Battery voltage: 4.2V

2.Mini BG W-05 Polish Grinding Pen $12.99

Top 5 Best Polish Grinding Pens Reviews 2022
BG W-05 mini grinding pen is designed for electronic circuit board chip grinding, removing, polishing repair and mobile phone motherboard CPU screen IC removing.

BG W-05 grinding pen is universal hand-held multifunctional polish grinding tool. Its non-slip silicone sleeve design is comfortable to hold, easy to work and not fatigue.

BG W-05 Polish Grinding Pen:
One button switch, ready to use, concealed button switch no accidental touch, convenient and fast.
Compatible with10440 AAA 350mAh 3.7V battery (not included).
High speed, low vibration, high working efficiency.
Small and beautiful pen design not bound by wires.
Recovery CPU, polishing /cutting motherboard, CPU grinding, rust phosphating.
No damage to the surface of the component.

3. Electric MA-Ant D1 Polishing Pen $12.99

Top 5 Best Polish Grinding Pens Reviews 2022
MaAnt D1 intelligent charging grinding pen USB engraving pen is perfect tool for cutting, polishing and grinding small IC or shields.

The grinding pen is equipped with 7 types of grinding heads. It can be used to grind and polishing all kinds of hard, nonmetallic materials such as wood, plastic,motherboard, beeswax, porcelin, metal and jade.

● IC Grinding
● Screw Punching
● Lattice Cutting

MaAnt D1 Smart Polishing Pen
1. Made of Aluminum Alloy Material
2. Suitable for 7 types of Grinding Heads
3. Speed in 5000-10000-18000 third gear
4. Adapt to the diameter of the grinding head 2.35mm.
5. The use time is more than 1 hour without load in the third gear.
6. Automatically turn off the light and power off when fully charged.

Product model: Maant D1
Brand: MA-Ant
Power: 10W
Net weight: 45g
Battery voltage: 4.2V
Speed: 5000-10000- 18000 three gears

4. Mechanic IRX IC Polish Tool Kit $27.99

Top 5 Best Polish Grinding Pens Reviews 2022
MECHANIC Dot Matrix repair tools set suits for iPhone X XS MAX 11 PRO MAX Face ID not working repair, dot matrix for face ID soldering repair, solving broken dot projector of iPhone phones, and no-record face.

It is specially used for the soldering and reflow of the Dot projector for Face ID, effectively preventing the oxidation process and improving the mainboard's welding quality of the Dot projector for Face ID.

Mechanic Dot Matrix Repair Tool Set:
Pen-type pressing, sensitive contact switch, small and flexible, comfortable to hold.
Universal high temperature resistant synthetic stone microscope base, pressured of sinking clips design, Precise positioning with clamping.
Special soldering paste, A touch instant soldering, plump solder point, no reside, fast curing.
Fast curing glue, help repair Dot projector for Face ID efficiently

1. Suit for dot projector for phone face ID soldering.
2. Solving broken dot projector, no-record face, perfect repair Face ID.
Compatible models: iPhone X / XS / XS MAX / 11 / 11 PRO /11 PRO MAX

Package includes :
1 x Magnetic Fixture FID
1 x Face ID stencil iTin 48
1 x IC Polish Tool IRX
1 x 3ML Dot Projector Special Soldering Paste DT1
1 x 10ML Dot Projector Special Glue OK7
1 x 10cc Dot Projector Special Flux DW136

5. MECHANIC IRX6 Wireless Grinding Pen $10.51

Top 5 Best Polish Grinding Pens Reviews 2022
As a handheld mini polishing tool, MECHANIC IRX6 IC mechanical pen, with 9 pcs of head, suits for various IC polish cutting motherboard, framed isassemble screw etc.

Multi-Function wireless charging IRX6 electric carving pen is not only designed  for a Mobile Phone Grinding Machine, but also for IC Chip Glue removal, grinding, polishing, lettering, rust phosphating, cutting, carved, CPU grinding, recovery CPU thanks to  its emery grinding head.

MECHANIC IRX6 Grinding Pen:
Handheld design, one-hand control.
High concentricity, grind and carve.
With static braking. strong power.
Wireless charging. contact switch.
Motor high-speed and stabilize operation strong power, high concentricity.

Package includes:
1 x IRX6 Grinding Pen
1 x Charger
9 x Grinding head

What brand of polish grinding pen do you use most often? Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments.

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