Top 7 Common Mobile Phone Problems and Mind-blowing Solutions

A guide for troubleshooting some of the most common mobile phone problems seen on your device.

Mobile Phone is bound to experience issues like running slow, damaged, and other slow-downs as it gets older. We China Phonefix Team have listed down 7 of the most common problems that you might have faced with your cell phone, along with their solutions. 

7 Common Mobile Phone Problems & Solutions

1. Phone Running Slow
2. Frozen Screen or not responding
3. Broken Glass Screen
4. Water and Liquid Damage
5. Battery Draining Issue
6. Charge Port Damaged
7. Cell Phone Overheating Issue

1. Phone Running Slow

We tell you the reasons why your iPhone or Android phone might be running slowly, and how it speed it back up.

What is slowing down your phone?

  • Running too many apps or programs
  • Having too little storage space on device
  • Having an ageing battery
  • Running an older operating system
  • Spotty internet connection
  • Getting too hot

The Solution:

1. Clear the cached data
2. Disable animations
3. Remove bloatware, unused apps and files
4. Turn on Data Saver on Chrome
5. Do not use live wallpapers
6. Check your battery

2. Frozen Screen or not responding

Sometimes your cell phone will freeze when you' re trying to open an app. You try to close the app, lock the screen, and turn off your cell phone but nothing seems to fix it.

It is not possible to use the phone when the screen is frozen or not responding Solution:

Why is your iPhone frozen?

  • Your iPhone needs to be restarted.
  • Your battery is low.
  • Your iPhone is running out of storage space.
  • Certain apps are incompatible with your software.
  • Your operating system is outdated

How to fix a frozen or unresponsive iPhone?

The Solution:

1. Force restart your iPhone, which will force it to restart but not affect your data.
2. Charge your iPhone,because cell phones with low battery power sometimes freeze.
3. Free up storage space
4. Delete problematic apps
5. Update your operating system
6. Factory reset your iPhone

3. Broken Glass Screen

If you drop your cell phone, it's possible that you' ll break its glass screen. Some people continue to use cracked glass. Others will harm their fingers on the broken glass.

Using a phone with cracked glass also increases further damage inside the device.


    ✔️  Insurance
    ✔️  Repair stores.
    If you have insurance, check if it gives replacements. Insurance typically requires you to pay a deductible and mail the phone in for service.

    4. Water and Liquid Damage

    Most of the time cell phones are unprotected from the liquid by accident in the bathroom, kitchen, sea, or by the swimming pool.

    Even a small volume of water inside your device is enough to damage it through corrosion or by shorting out electrical circuits.

    The Solution:

    1. Remove your iPhone from the liquid as soon as safely possible.
    2. Hold the phone upright and gently tilt it from side to side to drain as much liquid through the bottom as possible.
    3. Remove the display and battery, using the repair guide appropriate to your model of iPhone.
    4. Turn off your device immediately. Then, dry off your device as soon as possible.
    5. Quickly get to a cell phone repair shop to have it diagnosed.
    6. Take away your SIM and microSD cards from their slots.
    7. Use a cloth or towel to dab your phone dry.
    8. Put the cell phone in a zip lock bag full of uncooked rice.
    9. You can use a dryer to carefully suck out water stuck in the cracks

    5. Battery Draining Issue

    Cell phone Battery issues usually caused by user abuse.

    Next time you find that your phone is taking forever to charge to 100 percent or that it seems to die on your way too fast, try changing some of the settings and clearing apps that can drain your battery.

    Why is the phone battery draining fast?

    • 1. Overuse
    • 2. The Phone Is Old
    • 3. Using While Charging
    • 4. Too Hot or Too Cold
    Here are some recommended troubleshooting steps to fix Android phone battery draining and save battery for your phone.

    The Solution:
    1. Turn off Vibration, it is like a battery eater!
    2. Use Adaptive Brightness and Turn On Adaptive Battery
    3. Disable Always On Display
    4. Turn Off Voice Assistant
    5. Restrict Apps With High Usage
    6. Limit Background Activities
    7. Turn off features when not in use-Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-fi, mobile data
    8. Turn off Auto sync on Gmail, Twitter, WhatsApp.
    9. Keep Your Android Updated

    6. Charge Port damaged or not working

    If your phone doesn't charge no matter how long it's plugged in, your chart port may be damaged or dirty. Unless it's fixed, you cannot have sufficient power to use your phone.

    The Solution:

    • Try out a different power source.
    • Check the charging cable
    • Check the charger adapter
    • Switch off your phone.
    • Check the cell phone's charging port.
    If all these methods above fail, then your cell phone charging port is probably damaged and needs to be repaired.

    7. Cell Phone Overheating Issue

    Why your smartphone gets hot? How to handle your hot cell phone? Try the tutorial guide to keep your mobile phone from overheating!
    Top 7 Common Mobile Phone Problems and Mind-blowing

    5 tips to stop your phone from overheating

    1. Avoid direct sunlight on your phone
    2. Lower your screen brightness
    3. Use a manufacturer-approved charger
    4. Turn off unused apps on your phone
    5. Keep your apps up to date

    6 ways to cool down your phone

    #1. Stop using the phone if you have used it too long. Take it off your case
    #2. Close hardly used programs in the background.
    #3. Separate your phone from your other tech
    #4. Check and remove malware from your phone.
    #5  Put Offending Apps to Sleep
    #6. Update the firmware and apps to the latest version.
    #7. Avoid using your phone while the signal is poor.
    #8. Charge your Android phone properly, and try a Different Charger
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