Which PCB Components You Need to Know for Phone Repairs?

There are various cell phone malfunctions caused by different parts failure, the best solution is to replace the component most of the time. Today, VIP FIX Shop Team will introduce the various chips on mobile phone PCB, including their names and their functions, you can easily get the first step to be professional in mobile phone repair field after learning from us.

Which PCB Components You Need to Know for Phone Repairs?

  • CPU

CPU is basically the largest in size on mobile phone motherboard, and square are the most common shape, and some are rectangular but very few. The CPU is mainly responsible for the operation of the whole device. It also participates in various tasks, which means that when the phone CPU is damaged, it will cause various failures. At the same time, the program in the memory is the result of the CPU running. Therefore, after the CPU is damaged, the direct result is that the mobile phone cannot be turned on. 

  • Flash Memory

Flash memory on a mobile phone is same as the hard disk of a computer. It stores the system of the mobile phone, various applications are stored in the hard disk. When we flashed the phone, it means we flashed a system of the mobile phone. All functions in the mobile phone are supported by software, such as typing. When there is no typing program in the mobile phone system, we can no longer type on the mobile phone.

  • Power Supply IC

Power supply IC of mobile phone is equivalent to a transformer, which decomposes voltage into the working voltage of each chip to output. When the phone power supply chip is not working, your phone would be without power, so it’s a very essential part for the whole mobile phone.

Which PCB Components You Need to Know for Phone Repairs?

  • Radio frequency IC

How does the frequency of signal change when we make and get calls? When your mobile phone receives or transmits, the frequency is several gigabits, how do we hear the sound? It is related to the frequency reduction or increase is performed inside radio frequency IC. So when the mobile phone has no signal, we mainly check the radio frequency circuit.

  • Power Amplifier Chip

Power amplifier chip is mainly responsible for amplifying the power received or transmitted by mobile phone. Without this part, the mobile phone will neither receive nor make calls.

  • Display IC

Display IC is mainly responsible for the boosting work of display circuit. When display IC is not working, your mobile phone screen cannot display.

Which PCB Components You Need to Know for Phone Repairs?

  • WiFi IC

WiFi IC mainly provides the WiFi function of your mobile phone, if there is WiFi chip failure, you will be unable to connect or use WiFi on mobile phone.

  • NFC IC

NFC IC is a processing chip for short-range wireless transmission


EEPOM is equivalent to the ID card of your mobile phone, the ID of the mobile phone is IMEI. We also call it serial number, the serial code is generally stored in the chip of your mobile phone. When the code is damaged, the whole phone is basically useless since communication company does not approve this mobile phone and you will not be able to find the Internet.

  • RTC

RTC module participates in data transmission and storage, without it, data will not be transmitted.

There are more various parts that make up the mobile phone. It seems complicated but it’s easier to learn everything after disassembling. Learn more professional DIY fix phone guide on www.vipfixphone.com

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