How to Choose and Use Microscope for Phone Repairs?

There are many brands and types of microscopes on the market. Microscopes used for mobile phone repairs are mainly divided into binocular microscopes and trinocular microscopes. For most of repairmen, a binocular microscope is sufficient for repairing mobile phone motherboards; a trinocular microscope can be connected to an industrial camera, which is suitable for later Internet marketing, teaching and other tasks. 

How to Choose and Use Microscope for Phone Repairs?


  • How to choose the right microscope for phone repairs?

The prices of the two microscopes are different. We have to make a choice according to our actual situation. Everyone needs to go through a process from unfamiliar to familiar in the process of using the microscope.

How to Choose and Use Microscope for Phone Repairs?

  • How to use microscope for phone repairs?

1. Get ready for a clean mobile phone motherboard on the base of the microscope. Different customers have own requirements for the bottom platform for microscope. You can choose high-quality aluminum alloy mat to repair for the base part, which is resistant to high temperature, static electricity and corrosion. You can also keep your repair table tidy and clean with it;

2. Turn on the light source of the microscope, you can choose LED that can adjust the brightness. The light source includes ring light and LED lamp beads. At present, LED lamp for microscope are widely used, with long life and adjustable brightness;

3. Keep a certain distance between eyes and eyepieces, about 3-5cm;

How to Choose and Use Microscope for Phone Repairs?

4. Turn the imaging multiplier knob to adjust the multiplier to the maximum. If there is no focus, we can't see anything from the screen; then we can adjust the height knob until the object is clearly seen;

5. Move the arm of the eyepiece with your hand to adjust the distance between eyes. The purpose is to make the field of view seen by the two eyes form a circle from two circles, so that it is adjusted. If you are nearsighted and a bit dizzy while using the microscope, or the object has a double image, you can adjust the knob on the eyepiece under the microscope until you can see it clearly.

How to Choose and Use Microscope for Phone Repairs?

Precautions: When some people first use the microscope, the repair tools like hot air gun nozzles or tweezers that cannot be found under the microscope, then we can place the tool on the base first, and then move it slowly until it is captured in the picture again. Repeat this practice and stick to the microscope every day. It takes about half a month to gradually adapt.

Also you need to pay attention to maintaining the microscope, and regularly use a dust-free cloth to clean the lens.

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