You Must Have LWS-301 Laser Soldering Station
Dear fellow PCB enthusiasts, ever came across any of these common issues amid PCB failures? How many of you have had an atrocious experience when dealing with your PCB? Here is a ultimate solution - LWS-301 Laser Soldering Station.

You Must Have LWS-301 Laser Soldering Station

Laser soldering has been applied in the production of electronic assemblies and in the soldering of electronics components to circuit boards, which selectively heats solder by laser irradiation which forms a bond between two parts.

Today, we will talk about Laser soldering taking LWS-301 intelligent soldering station as an example.

You Must Have LWS-301 Laser Soldering Station

LWS-301 intelligent soldering station is using laser technology to heat electronic components to achieve removal and welding functions. You can use it for most of the precision capacitor and IC chip removal, glue removal and welding.

It has the advantages of no wind blowing, fixed area uniform heating, low power consumption compared to the traditional hot air gun soldering station.
You Must Have LWS-301 Laser Soldering Station

The use of laser technology provides precise heating, preventing the high sensitive components from being subjected to thermal stresses while allowing soldering of such sensitive components at high temperatures.

It is only the solder joint region is heated without damaging the electronic components or the board. The solder material needed can be provided by wire feeding system or can be applied by solder paste.

You Must Have LWS-301 Laser Soldering Station

Therefore, in contrast to other conventional soldering techniques, LWS-301 intelligent soldering station offers a lot of advantages. They include:

    1. Contactless. 10mm/6mm optional red light spot position indication.

    2. No burning of solder oil and rosin without blackening.

    3. Low thermal stress. 10 levels of laser tunable and 2 storage channels for fast level switching.

    4. It reduces intermetallic compound formation, due to rapid joint formation which results high quality joint.

You Must Have LWS-301 Laser Soldering Station
    5. Fast soldering and flying line, easy glue removal.

    6. Suitable for most electronic components removal and welding machine.

Questions you may ask:

Q: Does the laser hurt the eyes?
A: No, it doesn't. The red light is hard to hurt your eyes. The hot laser is generated only by pressing the switch and can hardly see the change.

Q: What is its maximum temperature?
A: Due to the characteristics of the laser, it produces different temperatures for different materials.

Q: Can it work for all chips or IC?
A: No, it can't. Some chips are sensitive to temperature, it is recommended to use traditional methods.

Q: Can it control the temperature?
A: No, but you can adjust the power to control the heating speed.

Q: Can I adjust the size of the heating area?
A: Yes, you can change the pen lens, switching between 6mm and 10mm areas.

You Must Have LWS-301 Laser Soldering Station

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