10 Best Phone Repair Gifts Under $200

Christmas is coming soon! Finding the perfect gift for all your friends and family during the holiday season is not easy. To help you with your holiday shopping this season, China Phonefix Team put together 10 of the most popular gifts under $200 on our website. Find the perfect Christmas gift for phone repairs on the list.

1. Original QUICK 861DW Hot Air Rework Station($197.99)

The original QUICK 861DW hot air rework station is a phone motherboard repair equipment, 1000W / 500 °C QUICK 861DW lead free rework station is especially for professional mobile phone BGA desoldering repair.

2. Magicawrt MagicClock iCloud Bypass Repair Tool($189.99)|

The magicawrt adapter is an Apple watch restore tool, which also can be used for Apple Watch iCloud bypass repair working, solve white Screen, “!" point, restart error, screen show error, touch No, others faults on apple iwatch S1-S6(S0/SE), (38/42/40/44mm). The feature of the tool is the same as the iBus feature.

3. MobIR Air Thermal Imaging Camera($159.99)

The MobIR Air Thermal Imaging Camera is an anti-peep temperature detection and thermal infrared imager for Smartphone Type-C Android / IOS devices repair.

4. Mechanic HDMI Industrial Camera($149.99)

The mechanic HDMI Industrial Camera is upgrade mechanic DX-340 34MP 1080P microscope camera for phone CPU PCB soldering and repairing.

10 Best Phone Repair Gifts Under $200

5. Aixun T3B Intelligent Soldering Station($139.55)

The Aixun T3B Intelligent Soldering Station With T210/115 Handle Welding Tips (T210/115 Handle + 3 TIPS) is high quality and it’s the world’s first 200W Full Intelligent soldering station.

6. iRepair BOX P10 DFU Unlock Box($65.99)

iRepair P10 DFU box Nand chip no-removal programmer is for iPhone 7 7P 8 8P X and iPad repair, iRepair P10 is no-disassembly required and it’s a professional tool for hard disk DFU HDD reading, writing and change serial number.

7.Apple Watch Adapter Restore Tool($55.99)

AWRT adapter restore tool is used for iWatch S1 S2 S3 software restore, upgrade and repair. The AWRT feature is the same as the iBus iWatch restore tool.

8. MacBook Maintenance Guide ($48.55)

MacBook Maintenance Guide is a manual guide show you how to navigate the Mac desktop, customize your settings, surf the web, set up email, hook into a network, transfer your important documents from another PC or Mac, troubleshoot with ease…

9. QIANLI iPower Pro Max DC Power Supply Test Cable($23.99)

QIANLI iPower PRO MAX Power Cable is for iPhone6 -11 pro max DC power supply. It allows you to not only supply iPhone logic boards directly with DC power bench supply, but also gives you a boot button to power them on, this is ideal if you need to power iPhone logic board up while disassembly.

10 Best Phone Repair Gifts Under $200

10. Amaoe Magnetic Reballing Platform($11.99)

The Amaoe reballing stencil platform with 0.10mm thickness stencil plate is for A8 A9 A10 A11 A12 baseband CPU solder reballing.

These gifts are the best buys of the season, more details you can also get our technical support from www.vipfixphone.com

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