Purchase Industrial Cameras - You Must Know These Things
Industrial camera is a key component of repair system and it is usually installed on the microscope instead of human eyes to measure and judge. How to choose the right industrial cameras in phone repair, How to choose the industrial camera lens, what should we pay attention to? Let's get to know it together.

1. Camera Resolution and Transmission Interface

The goal of our work is to obtain the appropriate image, extract useful information or control the repair process, to inspect, detect, mark, and classify Phone PCB defects in real-time.

In order to improve the accuracu, 1.3 megapixel camera can basically meet the needs, but sometimes because of the effect of edge sharpness, when extracting the edge, just shift a pixel, then the accuracy is greatly affected.

Choose a USB, megapixel Gige camera based on the distance, stability, and data size (bandwidth) of the transmission.

Purchase Industrial Cameras - You Must Know These Things

Therefore, if we choose a 5 million camera, we can also allow the extracted edge to deviate by about 5 pixels, which is a good guarantee of measurement accuracy.


If the PCB to be photographed is moving, and the PCB to be processed is also an PCB moving in real time, then of course, a 4K CCD Camera with a CCD chip is most suitable. However, some manufacturers’ CMOS cameras can also be used as CCDs if they use frame exposure.

Purchase Industrial Cameras - You Must Know These Things

Also, if the PCB moves at a very slow speed, the distance of the movement of the PCB is small within the exposure time range we set, and the pixel size is also within one or two pixels.

Therefore, it is also suitable to select a 5MP CMOS camera. Because within the exposure time, the deviation of one or two pixels is not visible to the human eye (if it is not used for measurement), but the deviation of more than 2 pixels, the image taken by the PCB has a smear. In the case, you can not choose CMOS camera.

Purchase Industrial Cameras - You Must Know These Things

3. Frame rate and Linear array & area array

Depending on the speed to be detected, the frame rate of the selected camera must be greater than or equal to the detection speed. In the situation of equal to the time you process the image must be fast, and must be completed within the exposure and transmission time of the camera.

Purchase Industrial Cameras - You Must Know These Things

With the circumstances of the detection accuracy is very high, the resolution of the area array camera does not meet the requirements, of course, the linear array camera is an inevitable choice.

4. CCD Target surface

The size of the target surface affects the length of the focal length of the 8-50mm Camera lens. At the same viewing angle, the larger the target size, the longer the focal length.

Purchase Industrial Cameras - You Must Know These Things
When selecting a camera, especially when the shooting angle is relatively strict, the size of the CCD target surface, the cooperation of the CCD and the lens will directly affect the angle of view and the sharpness of the image.

Generally speaking, the CCD target surface should be combined with the physical installation space to determine whether the working distance of the lens is within the installation space. And the size of the lens is required to be greater than or equal to the camera’s target size.

Purchase Industrial Cameras - You Must Know These Things


All of these factors need special attention when you purchase an industrial camera. Phonefix focuses on phone repair, phone repair tools, microscope, industrial camera etc.

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