20 Amazing Phonefix’s Free Annual Gifts 2022
If you are looking for Phonefix free annual gift for beginners and pro, you have landed in the right hub! Read this post FIRST. Discover everything you need to know to claim your freebie online. 

We're giving away amazing annual gift(s) that you won’t want to miss out on. And this year, we’re taking things to a whole new level with the 2022 Phonefix annual gift. So what are the gifts for this year? Read on to find out!

Phonefix Rewards Annual Gift 2022 options

Table Of Contents


● 1. Precision Screwdrivers

● 2. Online WUXINJI Schematic Diagram

● 3. Heat Insulation Soldering Silicone Pad

● 4. Aluminium Alloy Screw Tray

● 5. Stainless Steel Anti-static Tweezers

20 Amazing Phonefix’s Free Annual Gifts 2022

● 6. AMTECH NC-559-ASM Solder Paste

● 7. ESD Anti-skid Electronic Working Gloves

● 8. JC Online Drawing Diagram

● 9. T-7000 Liquid Super Adhesive Glue

● 10. 56 LED Adjustable Ring Light

 20 Amazing Phonefix’s Free Annual Gifts 2022

● 11. LCD Suction Cup

● 12. Metal Pry Blade Opener

● 13. Copper Soldering Wire

● 14. 8 In 1 Metal Prying

● 15. Micro USB Dock

20 Amazing Phonefix’s Free Annual Gifts 2022

● 16. Mijing PM-11 LCD Holder

● 17. Magnetic Screw Mat

● 18. iPhone 13 Pro Max Charging Port Flex Cable

● 19. 45 Degree Curved Heat Gun Nozzle

● 20. Electric LCD OCA Glue Remover

20 Amazing Phonefix’s Free Annual Gifts 2022
Like 2021, these 2022 annual freebies are available to all kinds of customer. Join here it’s free!

4 Ways to Free Gifts:
1. Share our website on your social media and contact salesman online to get a free online diagram account.
● 2. Subscribe to our website newsletter can win free gifts.
● 3. Purchase discount Christmas sale area products can get free products.
● 4. Pay a China post airmail parcel freight about 4.99USD, Choose a free product weighing between 0-0.2kg, get giveaway

So, with this, we end the list of FREE repair tools for your repair shop. With these tools, you will surely succeed in your aim of becoming one of the top repair shops in your state.

Phonefix is one of the leading brands that deal with offering high-quality and advanced mobile phone repair tools, tool accessories, electric and precision screwdriver sets, and others.

If you are looking for practical mobile phone repair tool kit, Phonefix offers the best tools to serve better.

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