4 Top Best Infrared Thermal Imager for Phone Repair Inspection
When encountering mobile phones short circuit, open circuit or poor contact, what tool we can use for easily and efficiently detecting them? PHONEFIX will introduce 4 cost-effective thermal imaging cameras to solve your mobile phone repair failure. 
4 Top Best Infrared Thermal Imager for Phone Repair
Why we should use a thermal imaging cameras?

Experienced repairers should know that the use of thermal imaging has a certain effect on the repair of mobile phone motherboards, and the efficiency is also very high. Thermal imaging is mainly suitable for the following cellphone motherboard faults:
1. IC short circuit causes temperature rise, the circuit board current is large when the short circuit occurs, and the corresponding part has a temperature rise, so its infrared thermal image is significantly higher than normal;

2. Capacitor leakage causes temperature rise;

3. The circuit board temperature rises due to short circuit after soaking in water;

4. Poor contact of the connector leads to temperature rise.

It can be seen from the above failure phenomenon that most of the problems that can be detected are temperature rise phenomenon, because the principle of thermal imaging detection is that there is a level of temperature difference imaging.

High cost performance can consider the following thermal imaging cameras:

1. Qianli MEGA-IDEA Super IR Cam 2S 3D Thermal Camera - Best Overall: $309.99
4 Top Best Infrared Thermal Imager for Phone Repair
Comparison of Mega-ldea iR 2 and iR 2s
1. Upgraded Software, two added optional compulsory augmented image algorithm.
2. Upgraded Chips Plan, guaranteed stable supply under the circumstances of globally chips shortage.
3. Upgraded lens focusing plan, wide focal length 8-18 cm for regular repair application range free yourself from focusing.

Electricity Leakage Quick Check is to quickly locate the abnormal temperature according to the real-time temperature, by adjusting the temperature range to troubleshoot the defect in detail.

Professional mode focuses on product evaluation and heat distribution analysis, Such as the rationality analysis of the thermal structure design of the circuit board, and the design of the heat dissipation efficiency of the product, etc.

2. MobIR Air Thermal Imaging Camera - Best Value $151.99
4 Top Best Infrared Thermal Imager for Phone Repair
The MobIR Air Thermal Imaging Camera is an anti-peep temperature detection thermal imager for Smartphone type-c Android and IOS devices.

It can detect and fix the HVAC issues quickly and accurately, and the thermal imager can be also used for patrol at night.

3.  QIANLI Super Cam 3D Thermal Imager - Premium Choice $313.39
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4 Top Best Infrared Thermal Imager for Phone Repair
You will use QIANLI one-button power cord to supply power to the cellphone motherboard, and adjust the display mode to thermal imaging mode. The 3D thermal imager will enable the software quickly detect faulty parts.

It can be connected to the computer USB interface through the adapter, which is more convenient to use and avoids the network cable interface being occupied.

4. Youkiloon 3D Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera - Best Quality $569.55
4 Top Best Infrared Thermal Imager for Phone Repair
Z1 3D camera uses infrared imaging technology and intelligent algorithms to display the operation of the tested motherboard, chip, resistor, and other components in real-time on the software.

It can obtain temperature data, and the ability to analyze the motherboard thermal field distribution and other readings.

To get more choices of infrared thermal Imager and professional phone repair guide on click Here.

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