5 Ways to Deal With iPhone Won’t Charge Issue

Various malfunctions will appear after your iPhone is used for a long time, the inability to charge the mobile phone is the most common of all problems. Many people will rush to phone repair shop immediately. In some cases, you can solve the issue easily at home. What are the reasons that iPhone cannot be charged, and how can you solve it at home? China Phonefix Team has summarized the following five points, hope it will be helpful to you.

5 Ways to Deal With iPhone Won’t Charge Issue

1. Is your iPhone system working properly?

If your iPhone system is malfunctioning, it might cause problems with the display for battery level. This kind of problem is the easiest to solve, you can directly shut down and restart your iPhone, which is equivalent to data refresh. In general, your iPhone battery display will return to normal after that.

2. Does your iPhone charger work?

Check whether the charging cable of your iPhone is damaged or broken, and replace another one to if it can be charged normally. Also check if there are yellow or burnt spots on the charging head of the iPhone. If so, replace the charging head of the mobile phone immediately. Although the charger is not prone to damage, it also has a certain service life. If it is used for a long time or improperly used for a long time, it will accelerate its aging.

3. Is your iPhone charging interface clean?

Check whether your iPhone charging interface is blocked by mildew, corrosion or dust, etc. If yes, please do not use toothpicks or sharp objects to clean! Putting a sharp object into your iPhone’s charging port may cause more potential damage. Instead, you can gently blow into the charging port or use dust blower to clean it. Then, try to plug in the iPhone again to test whether it's available for charging.

5 Ways to Deal With iPhone Won’t Charge Issue

4. Does the outlet work properly?

Check whether the outlet cord is off or work properly, you can try to change to another power outlet and make sure that the jack has electricity, and observe whether your iPhone can be charged. You can try to use wall sockets in different rooms. Sometimes the most seemingly apparent solutions are easily to be ignored.

5. Is your iPhone battery required to be replaced?

Generally speaking, it is rare for iPhone battery to have problems. But once there is a problem, it can be serious and you have to pay attention to. Therefore, when it is found that the charger and the mobile phone system are not malfunctioning, the iPhone battery should be checked. If the battery is swollen, it means that there is a problem with the battery and you must stop using it immediately. Note: Do not disassemble the iPhone battery indiscriminately. Because a swollen battery can easily cause an explosion and serious consequences.

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