Do you Have to Use a Microscope for Phone Repairs
For some people who have just started mobile phone repair, they may be confused whether to buy a magnifying glass or a microscope for the future work. As the internal components of the mobile phone motherboard become more and more sophisticated, during the maintenance process, we cannot see things that are too small with our eyes, so we need a magnifying glass to cooperate with the work. A little more professional maintenance personnel will basically work with a microscope.

Do you Have to Use a Microscope for Phone Repairs

1. Handheld magnifying glass

The handheld magnifying glass is the most traditional tool that can be used for many atmosphere. Most of them have small light on. The handheld magnifying glass does not occupy a place and the price is also very beautiful. The disadvantage is that you can't see clearly with the magnifying glass and it can't be applied for very small components repairs.

2. Desktop magnifying glass with LED ring light

The desktop magnifying glass can satisfy the operation and look at the same time, even at night, it is enough for the master who does not repair small components. The general desktop magnifying glass has auxiliary clips and LED lights, and the shelf can place the electric iron. Equivalent to a simple repair station.

The LED ring light is very soft and not dazzling, and the brightness of several lamp beads is just enough. The downside is that the brightness is not adjustable.

Do you Have to Use a Microscope for Phone Repairs
3. Binocular Stereo Microscope

The binocular stereo microscope has a simple structure, what you see is very three-dimensional, and the working distance is large. The continuous zoom handwheel is very convenient, and the magnification is often 7 to 100 times.

4. Trinocular Stereo Microscope

A trinocular Stereo Microscope is often a combined version of an electron microscope and a binocular stereo microscope. The addition of a trinocular TV tube can expand the camera and connect an external LCD screen. It is suitable for observing the details of the phone motherboard and training explanations.

The option of magnifying glass or microscope depends on your actual demands for phone repairs. If you need more professional tour guide for phone repairs, please visit at
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