Prime Lenses Versus Zoom Lenses
Industrial lens is applied widely in machine vision imaging systems. Industrial lenses include prime lens, bi-telecentric lens, telecentric lens, zoom lens, etc. Today, we will talk about two main types of lenses, Prime Lenses and zoom lenses.

The main difference between prime lenses and zoom lenses is focal length. A prime lens is a fixed focal length lens, whereas a zoom lens has a focal length range that can be adjusted using a mechanism such as a ring that can be moved clockwise or counterclockwise. A comparison between a prime and zoom lens is shown below.

Prime Lenses Versus Zoom Lenses
For industrial applications, a camera is generally preforming a repetitive task and is often fitted with a prime lens. However, for applications where the camera must image objects of varying distances, a zoom lens is installed.

Prime Lens has fewer components, so it is generally a more affordable option. This simplicity can result in better quality because with fewer variables there is a lesser chance of issues arising during the manufacturing process.

Prime Lenses Versus Zoom Lenses

 Since Zoom Lens are capable of a range of focal lengths. it offers a greater degree of flexibility. To adjust focal lengths, a lens system normally has more optics and moving parts that can help converge light within the lens to different positions. This added complexity can add to the costs of a camera lens. 

Prime Lenses Versus Zoom Lenses
The complexity in manufacturing a lens system with adjustable focal lengths can cause a reduction in clarity. Therefore, prime lenses are often considered more reliable for improved image quality if a variety of focal lengths is not required.

However, lens technology has continued to improve over time and the gap between the quality of a prime and zoom lens has continued to narrow in Industrial Camera equipment. This ensures that even under strict optical requirements for applications, it is usually safe to consider both prime and zoom lenses.

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