Here to Get The Full List of Tools for Phone Motherboard Repair

In the maintenance of mobile phone motherboard, in addition to the most common tools like hot air gun and soldering iron, many other small tools are also needed. In this article, VIP FIX Shop Team will take you to find out which tools are still essential in the repair of mobile phone motherboard.

Here to Get The Full List of Tools for Phone Motherboard

Solder Paste

The chip communicates with the pad of the motherboard through pins, so tin is the bridge between them. Generally, we can use medium temperature solder paste for the installation of conventional chips, inline sockets, and tail plugs, which have a wide range of applications. Low-temperature solder paste is used to neutralize the original high-temperature tin paste at the bottom of the board before degumming, so as to reduce the melting point of tin and reduce the heating time of the motherboard, so as to protect other chips from high-temperature damage or tin explosion. It can also be used for microphone installation and middle-level solder reball.

Motherboard Fixture

Generally, we don't need to buy a special fixture for a certain model of mobile phone. There are too many models on the market, it is not realistic to buy all of them, and it is very expensive. Generally, you can buy a phone motherboard fixture that can be used by both iPhone and Android devices.


The quality of the tweezers is not highly required for us, but the newly purchased tweezers must be polished according to our needs. We need to polish two kinds of tweezers: one is the tweezers used to clamp the components, the other is the tweezers used to remove glue.


The blades we often use are used to lift chips, remove glue, and solder reball. And the handle are used for chip removal. These types of blades are best used after grinding.

Here to Get The Full List of Tools for Phone Motherboard

Tin Suction Tape

The tin suction tape has the characteristics of being easy to suck tin. After the motherboard heats the solder paste to melt, the tin suction tape can be put on to suck away the residual tin to clean the pad.

Solder Reballing Stencil

It is generally recommended to buy a square hole net, which makes it easier to plant tin. Generally, a solder reballing stencil can be used for most chips, and only a very small number of CPUs or special-shaped chips need to use dedicated reballing stencil.


The function of brush is to dip the board washing water to clean mobile phone main board.

Alcohol Bottle

As a container, it can hold various chemical potions. In the maintenance of mobile phone motherboards, we are mainly used to install board washing water. It is best to use glass material, which is relatively durable.

Board washing water

It’s very corrosive, mainly used to clean the motherboard, the effect is very good. But it can not be used to wipe plastic products, such as microscopes and multimeters.

Welding Oil

Welding oil is used for welding various components of mobile phone motherboards. Its function is to lower the melting point of tin, reduce the heating time of the motherboard, effectively protect the motherboard and chips, and make the solder joints more round and full.

Here to Get The Full List of Tools for Phone Motherboard


Rosin is the same as soldering oil to help solder, and it can also be used to repair the motherboard short circuit.


Its main function is that when a section of the wire is disconnected due to a fault, a section of metal wire needs to be intercepted to reconnect the original line to restore the original communication function. In the mobile motherboard repair, we generally need three types of flying wires: one is the enameled wire for antenna, 0.1mm thickness is enough; for solder joints are generally used with 0.009mm jumper wire; there is also 0.02mm insulated jumper wire can be operated long-distance flying wire connection on the motherboard.

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