Many people hope to learn how to repair mobile phones in their spare time, like searching videos on the Internet to learn some repair experience. Maybe you think this is the fastest way to learn how to repair a mobile phone. In fact, it is difficult to learn how to repair a mobile phone only with this. Learning to repair mobile phones is a systematic learning process. It is the same as other learning skills and requires a solid foundation. Today, VIP FIX Shop Team will give some suggestions on how to quickly get started in the field of mobile phone repair.

What is The First Step Of DIY Phone Repairs?

The first step is manual foundation, that is, disassembly and assembly of mobile phones and welding skill, as well as the understanding and measurement of various components. Through disassembling and assembling the mobile phone, you will have a deep understanding of the structure and various parts of the mobile phone.

Welding is generally on the mobile phone motherboard, which means that we have to understand every component on the motherboard, from the disassembly and assembly of resistors, capacitors and inductors to BGA chips. In the process of disassembly and assembly, some chips are sealed with glue, we must learn to remove the glue. After cleaning up, we must learn to replace with new chips, and BGA chips solder reball.

What is The First Step Of DIY Phone Repairs?

New processes are constantly challenging our maintenance skill, and double-layer BGA has also appeared, so we must also learn the disassembly and assembly skill of double-layer BGA. With no breakthrough in battery capacity, manufacturers have been reducing the volume of the circuit board in order to increase the battery capacity. The original single-layer motherboard has become a multi-layer motherboard. This also requires us to learn the disassembly and assembly of the middle frame of the multi-layer motherboard.

Since mobile phone often leads to disconnection during use. When disassembling and assembling, we need to pay attention to finding these disconnected places and learn how to repair with jumper wire. Basic skills like this must be learned step by step.

What is The First Step Of DIY Phone Repairs?

The second step is based on the theory, there are now many video tutorials. People with strong self-consciousness can try to read the tutorial first, but the course of electronic technology is very abstract. In the process of learning, a teacher’s guide is needed, and it is difficult to learn completely through conscious learning. You have to learn the frequency characteristics and functions of various components, the most common components you have to know them, and you have to learn to measure them with a multimeter.

Take capacitors as an example, large capacitors are usually used for energy storage, and small capacitors are usually used to filter high frequencies. Which capacitors can be removed under what circumstances, and how do we replace them? This involves the knowledge of the withstand voltage of the capacitor. You can't install a low-voltage capacitor on the circuit, which will cause the fault to expand. Therefore, we must deeply understand the characteristics of electronic components.

Getting started is the most difficult thing of a skill. If you need more professional mobile phone repair instructions or repair tools, you can contact us at

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