How Do You Diagnose and Fix iPhone Screen Issues?
Screen doesn't display or work is one of the most common issues for mobile phone users. Some of the issues are not complicated to get fixed at all, it depends on which parts of the mobile phone gets damaged. In this blog, VIP FIX Shop Team will show you the ways to diagnose and fix iPhone screen issues.

How Do You Diagnose and Fix iPhone Screen Issues?

You can avoid broken screens by paying attention to protecting your iPhone screen in your life. 

1. Be careful not to put your phone in the pocket behind, because if you forget to put the phone in the pocket and accidentally sit on a hard object, the phone will not only get broken, but also yourself may be injured by the debris.

To put the phone in your pocket, you must make sure that the screen of the phone is facing inward, and it must not face outwards. Also note that there are no hard objects such as keys or clips in the pocket.

2. It is best to choose a good quality screen protector for your iPhone. Once there is a bump, the screen protector will play a very good protective role.

How Do You Diagnose and Fix iPhone Screen Issues?

If the touch screen of an iPhone is broken, some areas of the touch will be abnormal to display. When the iPhone screen is black, you can press the power button and the HOME button at the same time for about 10 seconds. If the cellphone restarts and displays, the reason is that the phone was dead.

If the display is blurred or incomplete, it means that the internal screen of the mobile phone is broken. If the phone screen does not display at all, it may also be a problem with the iPhone motherboard or battery. 

For easier iPhone screen repairs, professionals can choose TBK 928 screen separator to get screen replaced or repaired. 

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