How Do You Choose iPhone Motherboard Heating Platform?

In professional mobile phone repair, a functional phone motherboard heating platform is very essential. How to choose a heating platform for iPhone repair to complete efficient repair work? Here, China Phonefix Team will tell you some suggestions.

How Do You Choose iPhone Motherboard Heating Platform?

When repairing most mobile phone motherboards, it is often necessary to separate the upper small board from the middle frame by heating, so as to perform various chip repairs. After the repair is completed, the small board and the middle frame need to be assembled and fitted back.

There are many heating tools for repairing mobile phone motherboards on the market, such as the temperature-adjustable multi-function motherboard heating station, which requires the installation of a temperature control device for auxiliary temperature adjustment, and is large in size and extremely inconvenient to use.

In addition, there are also some thermostat multi-function motherboard heating stations on the market. Due to the influence of the low temperature of the environment, in the low temperature environment, it is easy to cause insufficient heat generation, low temperature, and difficult layering.

How do you choose the most ideal heating platform for iPhone devices? XINZHIZAO X360II Intelligent Heating Platform is a very good choice for iPhone motherboard separation. 

How Do You Choose iPhone Motherboard Heating Platform?

1. XINZHIZAO X360II Intelligent Heating Platform supports X-12PROMAX separation and bonding.

2. There is no any damage to the motherboard while working on it, it has intelligent digital display and precise temperature control.

2. The platform module is equipped with positioning posts, which can be accurately separated and attached to the iPhone main board.

3. It also has the features of last heating, long life, fast heat compensation speed and low power consumption.

4. You can observe the current heating temperature in real time with its adjustable digital tube temperature display, which makes desoldering and maintenance easier and more convenient.

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