How Do You Pick An Industrial Camera For Phone Repairs?

With the rapid development of the machine vision industry, industrial cameras have also undergone tremendous development in different fields. The application of industrial cameras is also inseparable in the field of professional mobile phone repair. Today, China Phonefix Team will offer some options of industrial cameras for your different demands.

How Do You Pick An Industrial Camera For Phone Repairs?

  • 4K Industrial Camera

USB 4K industrial camera is a CCD digital photography video measurement, it's a digital detector with ultra HD Industrial Level.

Classification: HDMI industrial camera
Sensor: IMX377
Effective pixel: 12 million
Resolution: 3840* 2160@30FPS 1920* 1080@60FPS
Output interface: HDMI
Function :HDMI 4K output with simple measuring crosshair
Image quality: adjustment Exposure, color
Camera function: Horizontal / vertical mirror image, freezing image, photographing and video recording

How Do You Pick An Industrial Camera For Phone Repairs?

  • HD 2.0MP Industrial Microscope Camera

HD 2.0mp industrial microscope camera is very suitable for mobile phone PCB circuit board repair. It has high quality, high resolution and very clear Images.

Certificate: CE, FC, RoHS
Feature: Industry Cmos Camera. It can Show the live image directly on any VGA monitor or Projector.
Control function: Brightness, Contrast and color balance,saturation,sharp degrees, - Cb(blue)offset, Cr(red) offset, cursor, vertical, horizontal, negative.

How Do You Pick An Industrial Camera For Phone Repairs?

  • USB3.0 Vision Industrial Camera

Professional USB3.0 vision industrial camera is an ultra high-speed 5.0MP color global shutter machine with SDK and Demo function, and it supports Windows System 2448*2048@40FPS.

Storage: With a maximum of 16K bytes of data storage.
Output: Support 8bit, 24bit, 32bit image format output.
Feature: 1) Compatible with U3VISION vision standard. 2) High frame rate camera, 0.3MP 790FPS, 1.3MP 210FPS, 4.0MP 88FPS, 20.0MP 20FPS.
Function: 1) Multiple cameras to work at the same time. 2) Data packet retransmission technology to ensure reliable data transmission. 3) Support external trigger and flash. 4) Provide SDK, easy to use and convenient; SDK supports Windows and Linux systems; SDK supports VC/C++, VB6, VB.NET, Delphi, C#, JAVA, Python, OpenCV.

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