Repair Guide for 6 Common Cellphone Issues
No matter how good the performance and quality of mobile phones are, after being used for a long time, there will often be more or less issues. For example, the cellphone crashes accidentally, the phone screen goes black for no reason,  the battery is out of power suddenly... Here, China Phonefix Team will offer a repair guide for 6 common cellphone issues, hope it can help you.

Repair Guide for 6 Common Cellphone Issues

  • Automatic Charging Without Phone Plugged
1. Clean the phone tail plug;
2. The phone CPU has solder skips or damage;
3. If phone prompts that the USB has been connected or removed, or the charger has been connected or removed, mostly due to the CPU soldering skips.

  •  Regularly Shut Down
1. See if the phone is set to shut down the program regularly;
2. Try to rewrite phone software for software problems.

  • Automatically Shut Down After Letting Go
1. The power supply is unproperly soldered or damaged;
2. The CPU is unproperly soldered or damaged.

  • Headphone Mode Without Headphones Plugged In
1. You need to clean the tail jack and earphone jack;
2. The phone tailstock is short-circuited;
3. The earphone jack is short-circuited;
4. If it is not resolved, some phone parts need to be replaced.

  • The Voice of the Other Party Cannot be Heard Clearly
1. You need to clean the phone earpiece because of the dust;
2. If you can't hear it at all, the earpiece needs to be replaced.

Repair Guide for 6 Common Cellphone Issues
  • No Sound

1. The most common thing is that the volume is not turned on and the phone is set to vibrate.
2. The speaker of the mobile phone is broken. If this happens, you need to replace the cellphone speaker parts.
3. The mobile phone has a software failure and the audio driver is damaged. In a similar situation, you can try to download the driver yourself from the website of the relevant mobile phone.

If you still cannot solve your cell phone issues after troubleshooting the above conditions, in order to avoid affecting your daily use, it is recommended to bring your phone to the phone repair shop for inspection and repair.

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