How Do You Use and Choose Phone Repair Multimeter?

Multimeter used for phone repairs is to find the fault point on cellphone motherboard. The most common functions we use are on-off measuring, voltage measuring, and resistance to ground measuring. How do you use a multimeter for phone repairs with the different functions? VIP FIX Shop Team will show you the details as your reference.

How Do You Use and Choose Phone Repair Multimeter?

  • On-off Measuring

What is on-off function? For example, if we test a wire, then I want to know whether the two sides are connected, whether it is powered on or off, then we can adjust to the buzzer button of a multimeter for measurement. In other words, when two test leads touch an object at the same time, it will ring.

  • Voltage Measuring

Measuring voltage is also easier to understand. For example, if I want to know the voltage of the battery, or when you want to know the output voltage at one specific point when you are measuring a mobile phone motherboard, we can adjust the knob of the multimeter to the buzzer voltage range to measure the voltage. We will never use the AC gear when repairing our mobile phones, unless we repair home appliances. When measuring, the positive and negative are generally not distinguished. If it is divided, the black is the negative electrode and the red is the positive electrode. If it is reversed, the negative sign with the same number will be displayed on the universal meter, which does not have much effect.

How Do You Use and Choose Phone Repair Multimeter?

  • Resistance to Ground Measuring

The most difficult to understand is the resistance to ground measuring. What is the resistance to ground? In terms of professional terms, it is called "diode voltage drop." Let’s take a very simple example to let everyone understand it. For example, when you can’t see anything in a dark space and you want to know if there are any objects in this space. After touching something, you will feel it and feedback a value, but this value is not displayed. The same way as a multimeter to measure the mobile phone motherboard, it will display a resistance value indicating that the chip can be measured, which is what we call the integrated circuit of a mobile phone.

With this function, the multimeter can be used to diagnose the virtual soldering or connection failure of the mobile phone motherboard chip. In the case of mobile phone black screen failure, after troubleshooting the problem of the external parts, we will consider the problem of the motherboard, if I suspect that the chip is damaged, then we can use multimeter to measure it. When the digital value is displayed as the normal phone, then the chip is normal.

After measuring the malfunction of the mobile phone with a multimeter, our repair plan can be from easy to difficult. The probability of wire broken on the mobile phone motherboard is relatively small, the chips and small components are more possible to get damaged. In this case, the jumper wire or components replacement will be used a lot.

How Do You Use and Choose Phone Repair Multimeter?


How to choose a multimeter?

There are many brands and models of multimeters on the market, and the prices vary greatly. Different multimeters have different functions. Some multimeters have added functions such as temperature range and micro oscilloscope. All multimeters can be used for mobile phone repair, there is no inaccurate measurement for multimeters. The choice of a phone repair multimeter depends on your budget and demand.

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