How to Clear RAM From iPhone 11 Pro Max ( A13 CPU )
"Why is my iPhone running slower and slower?" It may be time to learn how to clear the RAM. A RAM reset on the iPhone can make it run faster. In this article, we will share a guide on how to replace the iPhone 11 Pro Max RAM (also known as the A13 CPU upper layer).

First we need to disassemble the iPhone 11 Pro Max, take out the iPhone XS Max motherboard, and then use phone repair tools to remove the A13 RAM, measure the motherboard, and then assemble the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Before we start to replace the iPhone 11 Pro Max RAM, we need to prepare some phone repair tools.

- LCD opening tools ( screwdrivers, pry tools, LCD suckers...)
- Hot air gun
- CPU removal blade
- Solder paste
- DC power supply

Use screwdriver to remove the screws at the bottom of the iPhone screen, open the screen with a LCD sucker. Remove the iPhone display screen, disconnect the battery, and then take out the iPhone 11 Pro Max motherboard.

Put iPhone 11 Pro Max motherboard to the SS-T12A Pre-heater Platform for separating the board, take off the iPhone 11 Pro Max motherboard upper layers, and attach it to the MJ K27 PCB holder.

Put iPhone motherboard under a microscope to observe the A13 SDRAM, it looks good. Now use QUICK 861DW hot air gun and CPU removal blade to remove the A13 SDRAM, insert the blade from the right corner of the A13 CPU, and then slide to the top right corner. Once the SDRAM has been removed, next we need to remove the glue.

Use CPU Removal Blade Set to remove the glue on the CPU, and then clean it with PCB cleaner. Now connect the iPhone 11 Pro Max motherboard to the DC power supply to measure the current, after measurement, the current is normal.

Now we need to install the SDRAM back to the motherboard. Use QUICK 861DW Rework Station to heat the motherboard, apply some solder paste to the motherboard, and then put SDRAM to the CPU. Heat for a while to make sure the tin has completely melted.

When the motherboard is cool, connect the motherboard to the screen and battery to test it, supply power to it, the Apple logo appears normally, and then iPhone 11 Pro Max can be turned on properly.

Assemble the iPhone 11 Pro Max motherboard, and then install the iPhone 11 Pro Max, turn it on, all functions tested are normal.

Hope that by reading this article, you can successfully replace the RAM on iPhone 11 Pro Max. If you faced any problem or any question then feel free to comment below.

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