How to Fix iPhone 6 Say No SIM Card
If you see an error message that SIM card is invalid, your iPhone not detecting SIM card. This is a common problem troubles many Apple iPhone users. iPhone cannot recognize the SIM inserted in it and therefore unable to connect to the network, make or receive calls, and send messages. Don't worry, this article will help you understand the possible causes and solutions of the iPhone showing no SIM card issue.

The iPhone 6 uses a Nano SIM card, and the Nano-SIM card is a mini card. If you don't have a Nano SIM card, please contact your service provider.

Restart the iPhone device

If unfortunately you accidentally dropped your iPhone, your iPhone SIM card may be loose. Just turn off the iPhone for a while and reopen it. There is a soft reboot and a hard reboot.

For a soft restart, press the iPhone Power Button until you are prompted to "Slide off power." For a hard reboot, you should hold down the "Home + Power" button at the same time until the screen is dimmed.

How to Fix iPhone 6 Say No SIM Card
Reinstall SIM card

The first fix you should try is to reinstall it in place. To reinstall the SIM card into the slot, use a paper clip (or use Apple's "SIM Card Removal Tool"), unfold it, and push one end into the hole in the SIM card tray. This will eject the tray from the slot. Then reinsert the SIM card.

Try to insert another SIM card

Maybe your SIM card is defective. One of the easiest ways to check for hardware problems is to insert another SIM card. If your device is able to connect to the telephone network while using another SIM card, there is something wrong with your SIM card. You can connect your carrier provider to find it.

Clean the SIM card slot

The SIM Card Slot must always be clean and dust free. Dust accumulated in the slot prevents the sensor from detecting the SIM card.

How to Fix iPhone 6 Say No SIM Card
First eject the SIM tray, then clean the card slot with an unused ESD Safe Brush, after cleaning. Now reload the SIM into the tray and carefully put them back into the slot.

How to Fix iPhone 6 Say No SIM Card
Update iOS to the latest version

It is recommended that you always use your iPhone with the latest iOS version. You must periodically check to download the updates in the settings and install them to ensure that your iPhone is secure and that there are no software malfunctions that may prevent the iPhone from reading the SIM card.

Restore iPhone to factory settings 

If your iPhone still doesn't recognize the SIM card after following all the tips given above, then the next step is what you need to do to fix the problem. Use iCloud or iTunes to back up all the information and data stored on your iPhone.

When you're done, go to Settings, General <Reset< Delete All Content and Settings to clear all data and content from your device. This will erase all the information and settings on the iPhone, making it as good as the new phone.

Hope these methods are helpful to you. If none of the above methods can fix the iPhone no SIM card, it may be that your iPhone hardware may be malfunctioning. Then you need to go to an Apple repair shop to repair your iPhone. If you need any mobile phone repair tools, please visit

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