How to Fix iPhone Ringer Does Not Ring Problems ?
When the iPhone ring does not ring, it will bring us some trouble. After confirming that the ringer has been turned on, I waited for a friend's call, but there was no sound after waiting for a long time. However, when you glance at your iPhone after a while, you will find several missed calls on the phone. Why does the iPhone ringtone not ring when there is an incoming call or text message? We guess that there may be a problem with the iPhone’s mute button or audio. Our PhoneFix team will share some useful tips to solve this problem.

Before that, we have a alternate options for you guys, if you think that call is important for you, just use an iPhone Home Button to connect your earphone, which can be effective to avoid this phenonmenon, cause we don't know what happenes now, we have to exlcude the external reasons. Well, after you have getting through a good talk, then we may need to find the reasons.

How to Fix iPhone Ringer Does Not Ring Problems ?

First of all, rule out simple problems before you dive in more complicated ones. Ensure that you have not silenced your iPhone or have forgotten it back on. If we can fix it without any charging, it will be a better choice for us.

If not, the following tips may be useful for you, at least it can help you know more about iPhone Ringer.

1. Check if Your Speaker Works

At the bottom of your iPhone, the bottom is used for whatever sounds your phone makes. Whether you play games, listen to music, watch movies or hear a ringtone for your incoming calls, everything is all about the speaker. If you do not hear calls, your Loud Speaker might be broken. If this is the case, play music or YouTube video to check your volume. If the audio is fine, that's not the problem. If no sound comes out, but you've got the volume up loud, you need to repair your iPhone's speaker.

How to Fix iPhone Ringer Does Not Ring Problems ?
2. Check if the Caller was Blocked

If one person calls you, but no signs of call, you've possibly blocked their numbers. Apple gave iOS 7 users the ability to block numbers, text messages and FaceTime from phone numbers. To see if the number is still stuck on your phone: Tap Settings, Phone, and Blocked. On the screen, you can see a list of the phone numbers you have once blocked. To unblock, tap Edit in the upper-right corner, then touch the red circle, and then the Unblock button.

3. Check the moon setting

Moon stands for don't disturb mode. so this might be the reason your phone isn't ringing. In the upper right screen, turn it off. The easiest way to do this is through swiping upfrom the bottom to show the Control Center.In the home screen, doing this is fast and easy. In apps, swiping and pulling this stuff will appear.

4. Check the voicemali setting

If you are currently facing this kind of problem, then rest assured that your iPhone is not malfunciton. While you just need to change settings, it can back to normal. And this problem is prevented when the caller calls back within minutes, so if you found it in time, it will not be the problem for you.

5. Check the ring switch

While most of guys may have ignored whether or not the silent/ring switch is set to quieten the ringer, in most cases, we just need to change it to ring and you everything will be good. So don't forget to take note at this point.

6. Turn up the Volume

Make sure to check the volume button on your iPhone because they control the ringer. Press the "Volume Up" button from the Home screen, and make sure the volume is set to appropriate level.

7. Try a Reset

In most cases, you need to reset the iPhone to work correctly again. Do this by holding and pressing the "Home" and "Power" buttons simultaneously for five seconds. After you hold the buttons, your phone should shut off. Once done, power it on and give ringer another try.

8. Replace dock connector

The dock connector contains wiring that delegates sounds on your iPhone. If you are currently experiencing ringer issues, you need to replace your dock connector. Whether owning an iPhone 4S and iPhone 4, check your guides and replace the dock connector. The process will take only for about thirty minutes, and rest assure that it will not cost you a lot.

If you have tried all the above mentioned way, we may advise you the latest JC Pro1000S Programmer, it can be used to fast diagnostic headphone problems, if you are interested in it, try to contact us.

How to Fix iPhone Ringer Does Not Ring Problems ?
I sincerely hope that these methods are useful to you. If your iPhone ringtone still does not ring under these solutions, please try to contact us via

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