How to Fix Your iPhone 8/8P/X Cracked Back Glass
For a large number of users, the iPhone 8/8 Plus and iPhone X glass back covers are fragile and costly to repair. If your glass back cover of your iPhone 8/8P/X is cracked, the real thing is to replace it with a new glass back cover, because the price of accessories is much lower than buying a new iPhone. In this article, we will share with you the specific repair steps and some tools used.

Back Glass Repair Solution

  • Step 1: iPhone Function Test

Turn on the iPhone X and test it, which works normally.

  • Step 2: Back Glass Removal

Turn off and set the iPhone on the fixture. Next, use the hot air gun and carefully to peel off the back glass, then remember to clean it up. Last, test the function, the iPhone X works properly.

  • Step 3: Assemble Back Glass

Align and glue the back-cover housing and a new back glass replacement

  • Step 4: Retest iPhone

Wait until the back glass well bonded and retest the iPhone. All works well, case closed.

If you think it’s too difficult to repair the cracked iPhone 8/8P/X back glass by yourself or you are short of refurbishing machines and tools, Then, the third party repair service is a good choice.

Supply Chain Solution

PHONEFIX can provide you with high quality aftermarket back glass, back glass assembly, middle plate, and middle plate assembly for iPhone 8, as well as middle plate assembly for iPhone X. Compared with OEM housing, aftermarket parts for iPhone 8/8P/X seems to be a better choice.

There are some iPhone repair tools for your referance when you repairing your cracked iPhone back glass

1. SUGON T26 Precision Lead-free Electric Soldering Station Repair Kit

How to Fix Your iPhone 8/8P/X Cracked Back Glass
SUGON T26 lead-free soldering station - optional voltage 110V / 220V, SUGON 80W power electric soldering station with one T26 soldering handle and one power cable for phone BGA PCB reballing welding. 2 seconds temporary warming humanized design, convenient for the use of maintenance personnel.

2. UV Glue Clean Knife with 10pcs Blades

Flat metal blade shovel for Mobile phone LCD screen repair, separate rubber shovel blade OCA UV glue except Glass ceramic tile cleaning tools, quickly remove the UV glue OCA glue, maintenance essentials. At the same time can be used to clean surface dirt such as glass, ceramic tile, wall clutter.

How to Fix Your iPhone 8/8P/X Cracked Back Glass
3. B7000 / E8000 / T8000 Clear Liquid Adhesive Glue

How to Fix Your iPhone 8/8P/X Cracked Back Glass
Multi-purpose industrial transparent adhesive glue, B7000 / E8000 / T7000 / T8000 medium iscosity transparent / black adhesive glue, it is fully transparent flexible adhesive semiconductor, used for repair phone frame / touch screen / glass adhesive liquid and so on.

Hope you successfully replaced the iPhone glass back cover. If you have any questions related to the iPhone, you can leave a message in the comment to let us know.

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