How to Fix iPhone X Charging Failure
This is an iPhone X that failed to charge. After connecting the iPhone charger for a period of time, the iPhone X is charging very slowly or not charging at all. But, if the iPhone X loses power and cannot be charged, it will cause us some trouble. Why is there such a problem?This problem may be caused by software or hardware. Now we need to disassemble the phone to repair it.

According to the repair principle, we can start with software aspect, because the hardware aspect it's more complicated that software.

1. Check iPhone charge device

As we know, there are two ways you can charge your iPhone X, one is traditional methods that with iPhone lightning cable, the other one is latest methods that with iPhone Wireless Charger. If neither of these methods is charged, first we need to check iPhone charge device.

How to Fix iPhone X Charging Failure
Check iPhone lightning cable, make sure the iPhone lightning cable without any physical damage, or try to use another iPhone lightning cable that with good quality to charge the iPhone X.

Check iPhone wireless charger, make sure the iPhone wireless charger working condition is good, or try to use another wireless charger to charge the iPhone X.

2. Clean up the iPhone X lightning port

If the iPhone lightning port is covered by some dust or sundries, then the iPhone X will charge slowly or won't charge.

Use a small and soft brush or professional dustless cotton swab to clean the iPhone lightning port.

3. Force restart iPhone X

Sometimes, your iPhone X may just be stuck on a black screen, and even if you try to recharge it, you won't be able to display the charging instructions because the system has crashed and caused the device to be unresponsive. We try to fix it by force restarting.

In order to force restart iPhone X, please press and quickly release the Volume Up button, then press and quickly release the Volume Down button, finally, press and hold the Side button (Power button) until you see the Apple logo appears on iPhone display screen.

4. Update iOS

iOS updating can fix many software errors, there are 2 ways you can update iPhone X iOS.

One is update it on iPhone, go to Settings-> General-> Software Update.

The other one is update it by iTunes, connect your iPhone to the computer by iPhone Lightning Cable, and then use latest iTunes version to update iPhone iOS.

How to Fix iPhone X Charging Failure
5. Calibrate the iPhone X battery

Calibrating the battery helps optimize the battery system and improve the iPhone's battery life.

In order to calibrate the iPhone X battery, first let the battery run out completely, turn it back on and then let it turn off on its own, charge the iPhone until 100%, after the battery is fully charged, please reboot the iPhone X.

How to Fix iPhone X Charging Failure
6. Restore iPhone X

Restore iPhone X is last step you can do in the software aspect, it can erase all settings and data on the iPhone X, so you need to back up the iPhone X before restore it.

Connect iPhone to the computer, first use iTunes to back up iPhone X, and then use iTunes to restore iPhone X.

If the iPhone X still won't charge well, then we need to use hardware solution.

7. Send it to Apple care or iPhone repair shop

For the hardware solution, it requires professional phone repair skills and phone fix tools, or you can't do it, so the best way is send it to the Apple care or professional iPhone repair shop.

Hardware solve iPhone X charge failure, there are usually two ways to do this

- Replace the iPhone X battery

- Repair iPhone X logic board

I hope the repair methods in this article are helpful to you. If you have other iPhone-related questions, please leave a message in the comments.

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