After turning on the iPhone 6, the white Apple logo appeared, and then restarted. This is a common problem with the iPhone. After turning on the iPhone, the iPhone 6 will display a white Apple logo, and then repeatedly restart, we cannot enter iOS correctly. There are many reasons for this problem, including software and hardware. In this article, we will share some solutions to fix it.

First we try to fix it with software solution, if it works, then iPhone 6 reboot failure is caused by software issues.

1. Force restart iPhone 6

If the iPhone stuck on white Apple logo and then reboot, we can try to fix it by forcing restart, and force restarts are very simple and it doesn't require iPhone fix tools and skills.

In order to force restart iPhone 6 :

- Please press and hold the Home button

- While holding the Home button, press and hold the Sleep/Wake button

- Continue holding both buttons for about 10 seconds, until the Apple logo appears

After for a while, if the iPhone still doesn't boot successfully, then we need to try next solution.

2. Update iOS

Sometimes, iPhone iOS system also can cause this problem, and for system problem, Apple always likes to fix it by iOS updating.

In order to udpate iOS :

- Connect iPhone 6 to the computer by iPhone Lightning Cable

How to Fix iPhone 6 Reboot Repeatedly After Boot
- Open iTunes on computer and update it to latest version

- Select your iPhone 6 when it appears in iTunes

- Click update iOS if it is available

After update iOS, if the iPhone still doesn't boot successfully, then we need to try next solution.

3. DFU restore iPhone 6

DFU restore iPhone can deepest fix software issues, because it will erase all data and settings on iPhone. And for this reason, you need to back up your iPhone 6 before you are going to restore it.

In order to back up iPhone 6:

- Connect iPhone 6 to the computer by iPhone lightning cable

- Use iTunes to back up the iPhone 6

In order to restore iPhone 6:

- Make sure the iTunes is latest version

- Press and hold the Sleep / Wake Button and Home Button together for few seconds

- Release the Sleep / Wake Button but continue to hold the Home Button until iTunes says “iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode.”

- Let go of the Home Button or volume down button

- Restore your iPhone using iTunes

After restore iPhone 6, if the iPhone still doesn't boot successfully, then we need to use hardware solution.

1. Disassemble the iPhone 6

Most of the iPhone reboot problems are caused by iPhone logic board failure, in order to fix iPhone logic board, first we need to disassemble it.

Carefully disassemble the iPhone 6 by phone opening tools, and then take out the iPhone logic board.

2. Measure the iPhone logic board

Use 17B+ Digital Multimeter to measure the diode data for iPhone 6, we find the I2C bus pull-up resistor R0316 and R0317 of fingerprint chip U3001. The diode data of RO317 is about 400 while R0316 is 730. The data for RO317 is obviously larger than normal data.

How to Fix iPhone 6 Reboot Repeatedly After Boot
After check iPhone schematic diagram on the WUXINJI Dongle, we know that the signal of the two resistor flows to CPU, so we can conclude it is CPU failure.

3. Repair iPhone logic board

With the help of the QUICK 861DW hot air rework station and tweezers, we can remove the iPhone CPU quickly and correctly.

After remove the iPhone CPU, we found there is a disconnection, use QUICK 861DW hot air rework station to solder the jumper wire, and then install the CPU to the logic board.

How to Fix iPhone 6 Reboot Repeatedly After Boot
Measure the iPhone again, the data tested is normal.

At last, install the iPhone, and then press the iPhone power button to turn it on, now the iPhone 6 can get into the iOS system successfully.

Hope the repair method in this article is helpful to you. If you have any other iPhone-related questions, please leave a message in the comments.

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