How to Fix iPhone X LCD Shows Vertical White Line Issue
After replacing the iPhone X screen and turning on the phone, a white or blue bar appears on the LCD screen, then it becomes blurred, and finally restarts and stuck in such a loop. Why is there such a problem? How to fix this problem? The following are some possible causes and solutions.

First, use Qianli 3D screwdrivers to remove the iPhone screws at the bottom of the screen, and then put iPhone X on the CPB screen separator for heating. After a while, use LCD pry tool to open the iPhone X screen, remove the iPhone display assembly.

How to Fix iPhone X LCD Shows Vertical White Line Issue
Install a new iPhone X display assembly, and then turn on the iPhone X to test, but the problem is still the same, now we confirmed it's not the problem of the iPhone X screen.

Disassemble the iPhone X again, remove the iPhone X display assembly, disconnect the iPhone battery, and then remove the iPhone X motherboard.

First measure the diode data for iPhone display connector by digital multimeter, the diode data measured is normal.

Connect the iPhone motherboard to QIANLI iPower Pro Max DC power supply test cable, and then trigger the iPhone, the boot current measured is normal.

How to Fix iPhone X LCD Shows Vertical White Line Issue
Use digital multimeter to measure the working voltage of the iPhone screen, the value measured all are normal, now we can confirmed it's not the problem of the iPhone display circuit.

Based on our repair experience, this problem may be caused by PP_GPU_SRAM circuit or iPhone CPU.

Signed in to ZXW online account to check iPhone X schematic diagram and bitmap, and then we need to measure those related components one by one.

Put iPhone X motherboard on the SST12A heating station to separate the iPhone X motherboard, and then use digital multimeter to measure the iPhone logic board, the data measured is normal.

According to the iPhone X schematic diagram, now we are going to check L2780. Attach the iPhone X motherboard to the PCB holder fixture, and then use hot air gun and tweezers to remove L2780. Clean the solder pad, and then install the new L2780 to the motherboard.

Now use Qianli iSocket test jig to measure the iPhone X, the iPhone X screen displays normally and it can be turned on properly.

How to Fix iPhone X LCD Shows Vertical White Line Issue
Install the iPhone X motherboard double layers, and then assemble the iPhone X, press the power button, the iPhone X is turned on successfully, and the iPhone display screen works perfectly.

Hope we can help you solve this issue. If you have other tips to fix it, don’t forget to share your opinion, and let us know in the comment.

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