How to Replace the Keyboard and Trackpad for MacBook Pro?
We received a MacBook Pro that was damaged by water from our customers. The model is A1502, which was released in 2015. The MacBook can be opened normally, but the keyboard fails. After removing the cover, we found that the keyboard and trackpad of the MacBook were corroded by liquid. We can only replace the new MacBook keyboard and trackpad. Next, we will you the specific steps.

At first, press the MacBook power button, the MacBook is turning on smoothly, and it enters system successfully. Test the keyboard and trackpad , they all works.

Use screwdrivers to remove the screws that fix the MacBook rear case, and then open the rear case, we can see it clearly the MacBook Pro has water traces, the trackpad has been visibly oxidized and moldy.

How to Replace the Keyboard and Trackpad for MacBook Pro?

Remove the MacBook Pro motherboard, it's obviously see that there's traces of water on the MacBook Pro keyboard backlight.

We are going to replace the MacBook keyboard and MacBook trackpad, because if we don't replace them now, after a while, they'll stop working.

In order to replace keyboard and trackpad, we have to remove the MacBook Pro battery first, the MacBook Pro battery is glued with double-sided tape, and we can't remove it directly. Take down the speakers on both sides first.

Next use special liquid to remove the glue, at the same time, uses a 2UUL Titanium Alloy Tweezers to pry it.

The iron slices of the two batteries in the middle are fastened to the rear case with screws, we need to remove the MacBook Pro battery, so that we can remove the iron slices.

Use screwdrivers to remove the screws on the iron slices, and then use screwdrivers to remove the screws on the trackpad to take down the trackpad and the backlight on the MacBook keyboard.

After removing the backlight, we can see that the keyboard is fixed with nails, the keyboard is broken, so we can use pliers to remove it vigorously.

After removing the keyboard, there is no screws hole, use Diagonal Wire Pliers to remove the nails.

How to Replace the Keyboard and Trackpad for MacBook Pro?

Install the new keyboard, and then fix it with the keyboard screws.

Install the backlight and trackpad, put a double-sided glue on the battery.

Install the MacBook battery, and then install the MacBook motherboard, supply power to the MacBook Pro, press the power button, the MacBook is turned on properly. After entering the system, test the keyboard and trackpad, they all work properly. The replacement is over.

I hope the above maintenance steps can help you. If you have other better maintenance methods, please leave a message in the comment area below, so that more people in need can refer to it. Thanks a lot.

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