iPhone Repair Tool Guide - JC P13 Ultimate Box

What is JC P13 Ultimate Box and what is it used for? If you are experienced in phone repair field, you must have heard of lots of programmers. JC P13 ultimate box is one of them. In this article, VIP FIX Shop Team will introduce the details of this repair tool for your reference.

iPhone Repair Tool Guide - JC P13 Ultimate Box

What is JC P13 Ultimate Box?

1. JC P13 Ultimate Box a professional PCIE NAND Ultimate Programmer that supports full range of IOS device's NAND Disk. After disassembling your iPhone device and removing the NAND chip from motherboard, you can start to operate JC P13 ultimate box for PCIE reading and writing, Boot file reading and writing.

2. Purple screen working mode

- You can enter to purple-screen Diagnostics Mode just by one key. Restore change. backup write for syscfg(systeam config) without removing the hard disk(NAND) from mobile phone motherboard;

- Support BGA60 /BGA70/ BGA110 Read / Write / Format;

- Support SYSCFG data modification & write, unbind WIFI Brand-new NAND without restoring device firmware, support SYSCFG data writing directly. Also, it can be used without network.

iPhone Repair Tool Guide - JC P13 Ultimate Box

Why We Suggest JC P13 Ultimate Box For Professional Repairs?

1. It saves your time, like the function of spending only one second to unbind Wi-Fi, no need to restore;

2. It easy to operate, like the function of Off-line one-key to modify whole series NAND syscfg with reading and writing;

3. It support all iPhone devices including iPhone 8/8P/SE2/X/XR/XS/XS Max/11/11Pro/11 Pro Max/12/12 Pro/12 Pro Max /12 mini/ 13/13 Pro/13 Pro Max /13 mini, and also for all iPad devices including iPad mini5, iPad Air3, iPad 8(2020), iPad Pro(11,2th), iPad Pro(12.9,3th), iPad Pro(12.9,4th).

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