Is Film Cutting Machine Good For Your Phone Repair Business?
In our modern market today, people are increasingly pursuing simplicity, speed, and intelligence. Including our mobile phones, tablets and other convenient electronic products. These products are also constantly updated from people's needs, so film cutting machines are also produced.

Is Film Cutting Machine Good For Your Phone Repair Business?

What is a film cutting machine?

The film cutting machine is a smart machine used to make protective films for mobile phones and other related electronic products. It can quickly cut out a mobile phone film according to the specific model of the electronic device, which is very convenient.

A film cutting machine like PHONEFIX FX-866 Auto Film Cutting Machine with huge market potential, don't you plan to get one? It is not only a device that can cut cell phone films, it can also bring more business potential such as cell phone retail stores and cell phone repair shops.

Is Film Cutting Machine Good For Your Phone Repair Business?

Why it can be your best option?

1. PHONEFIX FX-866 auto film cutting machine owns more than 12000 styles of data, which cover all models of front films, back films and full coverage back films. It works for all mobile phones, tablets, watches, cameras, and airpods, etc.

2. Available for cutting 12.9 inches of large films.

3. Automatic film feeding with movie exit function, more convenient to operate.

4. Cloud data update, update models automatically.

5. Precisely position the holes of screen protector film, so that the cutting can be perfect fit with the phone screen.

6. Suitable for different types of TPH / TPU / 9H / INK film.

7. Support phone x and y mirror.

8. Support the cut explosion-proof film in the size of 0.35-0.37mm.

9. Support car rear view mirror film.

10. Support blank back film DIY function.

11. The size for capacitive touch screen is bigger, which is more convenient for to touch and operate.

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