List of the Most Common iPhone Repairs Tools
We get habituate of smartphones and need our devices to always function smoothly. However, mobiles are eventually machines, susceptible to bugs, crashes, and other damages over time. A fair chunk of mobile issues is easily fixable especially if you know what causes them. Here is a list of most common phone repair tools to fix the damaged iPhone.

iPhone repair includes mainly three parts: iPhone display screen, battery, motherboard maintainance, and other repair related with them.

Common iPhone Repair includes scracked screen, liquid or water damage, back of iphone is cracked, unable to update or restore, buttons not working, screen or display quality, device slow or unresponsive, cannot lock or unlock phone and others. You can get everything you need to repair your phone in Phonefix Shop.

There are hand tools, consumables, phone programmer, soldering tools, power tools, microscopes, chips components accessories, repair assist tools contribute a great deal in iPhone repairing. Besides, it offers all the accessories you need.

1. Hand Tools and Repair Assist Tools

It has all mobile phone DIY repair hand tools kit, including Screwdrivers, Tweezers, Pry Spudger Piece, Glue Removing Tools, Scraper Knife, and so on.

2. Consumables

China Phonefix provides all the different kinds Consumables for cell phone repair: Heat Tape, Solder Paste, Soldering Flux, Flux Solder Tin Wire, LCD screen Ceaning Consumables, Cleaning Tools Consumables, Adhesive Liquid.

3. Phone Programmer

There are universal phone chip programming tools, iPhone nand programmer, iphone icloud unlock remove tool, iphone baseband IC read write repair tools.

4. Soldering Tools

There are Mobile phone motherboard BGA Soldering Tool, De-soldering Tool, Soldering Iron Tools, JBC soldering station, and so on for mobile phone repair.

5. Power Tools

Power Tools include Electric Power Tools and power repair machine for mobile phone motherboard repair, USB port Testing and DC Power Supply, Thermal Imaging Camera / Oscilloscope, Battery supply Cable or Testing Cables and Multimeter.

6. Chips& components accessories

It includes iPhone chip, Motherboard Components, replacement parts for ipad.

7. Microscopes

Continuous Zoom Simul Focal Trinocular Stereo Microscope is designed for phone motherboard Inspection Soldering Repair. HD Digital Electronic Microscope Camera can be used for phone PCB repair. Different digital USB microscope Camera adatpers, and Trinocular Microscope is ideal for BGA SMT/phone watch repair soldering.

Totally, before you can go ahead and repair the iPhone you need a set of tools to assist you completing the job. Here are all the basic tools you need to repair your iPhone.

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