Latest MagicAWRT Adapter Restore Tool for Apple Watch
Here we have the latest MagicAWRT adapter Apple Watch restore tool in 2021, and MagicAWRT offers its complete solutions to fix many apple watch problems.

Latest MagicAWRT Adapter Restore Tool for Apple Watch

MagicAWRT Adapter
is intended for solving service problems with Apple Watch S0/SE/S1/S2/S3/S4/S5/S6 (38 mm / 42 mm / 40 mm / 44 mm).

Latest MagicAWRT Adapter Restore Tool for Apple Watch
It can solve problems such as white apples, exclamation points, restarts, stuck on screens, poor touch, ID lock, etc. It also can fix related issues that are caused by  Apple Watch glass digitizer touch replacement.

Latest MagicAWRT Adapter Restore Tool for Apple Watch

Apple Watch Firmware for MagicAWRT Adapter Restore Tool will not be provided, and the customer needs to download themselves.

1. Using MagicAWRT Adapter to reset Apple Watch Data with or without Backup

MagicAWRT Recovery Adapter Restore Tool is the best iOS data restore software in the market because of its ease of use and attractive user interface.

Most Apple Watch users data losses are due to accidents, failed jailbreaks, hardware and software failures, factory resets, and theft. It would have been even worse if they hadn't backed up their data. MagicAWRT Tool can help you solve the problem perfectly.

2. Using MagicAWRT Adapter To Restore/Unlock Apple Watch S1-S6

1. Confirm the Apple watch model(S0/S1/S2/S3/S4/S5/S6/SE). Install the Apple Watch on the adapter. Connect the MagicAWRT Adapter to the computer via iPhone lightning cable, open iTunes, or use its own software: magicclock(
2. Choose the correct firmware file for Apple Watch, confirm the server, extract the data. Confirm that the extraction is complete.

3. The Apple watch enters the restore state. Wait patiently for the restore to finish.

3. Using MagicAWRT Adapter to Remove Apple Watch Red Exclamation Mark

If there is a Bug on his watchOS version, Apple watch motherboard damage, or the Apple Watch runs out of battery, your Apple Watch will hold a red exclamation mark.

Latest MagicAWRT Adapter Restore Tool for Apple Watch

Connect MagicAWRT Adapter though Apple Watch to your computer with Apple Lightning cable. Fasten them with a collar. Open your computer and Run the software(iTuens/3U tools)

4. Using MagicAWRT Adapter to go to DFU & Recovery mode for For Apple Watch

In daily life, many of these problems can be solved with DFU & Recovery mode. For restoring and upgrading the Apple Watch iOS system, you can also take MagicAWRT adapter or AWRT adapter as Apple watch DFU Recovery Restore Tool.

Latest MagicAWRT Adapter Restore Tool for Apple Watch

5. Using MagicAWRT Adapter to Recovery mode for For Apple Watch

1. Press and hold both the Digital Crown and the Side Button (Or called Power on Button), Waiting Apple watch touch screen shutdown and keeping 3 seconds.

2. Releasing Side Button(Power on) and Digital Crown, and immediately holding Digital Crown and waiting 10 seconds.

MagicAWRT Adapter and iBus tool have similar features that you can choose to enter Recovery mode for For Apple Watch.

iBus Tool and AWRT adapter, Both of them are used to repair Apple watch issues, such as restore/upgrade/repair software for Apple watch, it's specific to the developer's requirements diagnostic etc.  

Latest MagicAWRT Adapter Restore Tool for Apple Watch

In summary, except to using iTunes or iCloud to recover data, Apple watch users can also use third-party hardware and its software, most of which are more efficient than Apple's solution and the operation is simple and convenient.

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