Repair iPhone 12 Pro Max Overheating Issue
After the iPhone 12 Pro Max dropped and the screen is cracked, we boot-up and find temperature warning appeared. Today we will share how to fix iPhone 12 Pro Max overheating issue by soldering lugs on missing pads.

Repair iPhone 12 Pro Max Overheating Issue

Remove the iPhone 12 Pro Max Display Screen and motherboard for testing whether it is deformed. The result turns on normally. Then we need to separate the motherboard for the pseudo-soldering.

1. Troubleshoot

Put the motherboard on the MJ CH5 heating platfrom for heating and pry up the logic board with a Pry Blade while heating. If remove the logic board when it is becomes loose. Then remove the signal board.

Repair iPhone 12 Pro Max Overheating Issue

We find pads on the logic board are missing when we put it under the trinocular microscope.

2. Repair the Bonding Pads

Clean the bonding pads with Soldering Iron and clean the bonding pads with PCB Cleaner. Use a Sculpture Knife to Scrape the missing pads and pay attention not to damage the GND while scraping.

Repair iPhone 12 Pro Max Overheating Issue

Put the Wylie Soldering Lugs in position and apply some Paste Flux. Apply Solder Mask to the bonding pads and solidify with a UV Lamp and remove excess solder mask with a Sculpture Knife.

Repair iPhone 12 Pro Max Overheating Issue
Clean the bonding pads and reball the signal board. Attach the signal board to the holder. Put the reballing stencil in position. Apply some low-temperature Solder Paste evenly. Remove excess solder paste.

Repair iPhone 12 Pro Max Overheating Issue
Reball stencil and put the motherboard on the Heating Platform. Remove the motherboard after it has cooled for 5 minutes.

3. Test

Assemble and test the iPhone 12 Pro Max, and temperature warning disappeared.

If you notice your iPhone 12 getting hot when charging, unplug the charger. If you’re using a case with your iPhone, remove it. Turn off your iPhone and allow the heat to dissipate.

How to prevent overheating problem on iPhone 12 Pro Max?

1. Check your charger and use low power mode

2. Avoid hot environments and Get Rid of the Faulty iPhone Case.

Repair iPhone 12 Pro Max Overheating Issue
3. Turn off Bluetooth, 5G, mobile data, WiFi, hotspot, location services, etc.

4. Close all background apps and Update software

5. Reset all settings

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