The Best Soldering Irons 2022- Buying Guide
With many industries employing the use of soldering irons, if you're on the hunt for a new soldering iron, or want to buy your first one, our list of the best six models available Phonefix Shop has something for everyone, from beginners to professionals.

We scoured the market for the best soldering irons and found the below six models to aid you in your selection. Those tools usually works on printed circuit boards (PCBs), and vacuum tubes all.

Soldering irons is a staple in the toolbox of many workmen, engineers, and homeowners alike, in addition to phone repair technicians and electricians who are commonly associated with this handy device.

People always use it for cell phone splicing and fusing wires, and in auto repair, roofing, and even jewelers all swear by their trusty soldering irons.

1. Best-Rated Soldering Iron under $50—SUGON 858D  Rework Station
The Best Soldering Irons 2022- Buying Guide

The 700W SUGON 858D rework station, which is great choice for top electric soldering iron, will do the job nicely, and will hardly make a dent in your finances.

In the meantime, if you'd like to try your hand at soldering, or perhaps occasionally need to solder something here and there, there's not much point buying a top dollar soldering iron—at least not yet.

Understandably, at just over US$47.99, the general consensus is that it heats up quickly and works well.

One reviewer wrote, "I'm no soldering pro but I've got to think this kit is a great value! I've used it to solder some led strips and circuit wiring and had no issues at all (and this was my first time soldering anything at all)."

2. Best Budget Soldering Iron—60W Electronic Soldering Iron
The Best Soldering Irons 2022- Buying Guide
60W soldering iron kit is a solid pick for beginners. This economical 60W model has adjustable temperature control between 200 °C-450 °C, and comes with five different soldering tips too.

Though it’s not expensive in regards to other soldering guns available, this particular gun is ideal for both home DIY projects and professionals who may do soldering for a living or as a side gig.

"This kit has already paid for itself several times over in the first week I've owned it," reported one happy buyer. "It heats up fast, the tips are nice... For someone who repairs electronics, there is literally no reason not to buy this kit."

3. Best Soldering Iron for Beginners—Electric Soldering Iron
The Best Soldering Irons 2022- Buying Guide
If you have no idea where to start when it comes to soldering, this adjustable temperature 90W welding soldering iron kit make it easy for you.

As a contender for the best DIY soldering iron, this thing has a handy LCD digital display that clearly indicates the temperature, a temperature adjusting knob, an intuitive and simple on/off switch, a stand with a sponge.

What's more, it comes with replacement soldering iron tips you may need for your soldering projects.

"Really good starter kit," expressed one buyer. "I'm just experimenting with soldering and, in my opinion, this kit gives you everything you need to get started at a very reasonable price."

4. Best Soldering Iron for Home Use—TX001 Soldering Iron
The Best Soldering Irons 2022- Buying Guide
Heating up to 380 degrees in 2 seconds, this TX001 soldering iron from Phonefix. One of its best features, aside from quick heating, is its three levels of temperature adjustable(350-400-450 degrees) design that gives you ultimate control.

There's a simple light that turns green to let you know when it's ready for use, and also a bright working light to give you better visibility on what you're working on. "WOW what an improvement," began one reviewer.

"A friend told me about this so I bought one. Heats up in seconds instead of minutes. Much more ergonomically designed (easier to hold). I like the light. Wish this had been available 10 years ago."

5. Best Soldering Iron for SMD—YIHUA 8786D Rework Station
The Best Soldering Irons 2022- Buying Guide
When it comes to soldering SMD, precision, temperature control, and tweezers are just a few of the things that can come in particularly helpful, and this digital YIHUA 8786D Rework station has it all.

Made with professionals in mind, this sturdy and durable device can live up to daily use and professionals.

One satisfied customer, who used this to build a mechanical keyboard macro pad with great results, exclaimed, "Man, it's amazing! The temperature control is awesome! It gets to temp very quickly and also keeps the temperature while you are working with it."

Another buyer commented that they "soldered, removed, and reworked some SMD components, through-hole, soldered wires from 28g to 8g, and it had no problem unsoldering 8g wire from high dollar Lipo battery packs that use high-temp solder."

6. Best Soldering Station for Professionals—YIHUA Soldering Station
The Best Soldering Irons 2022- Buying Guide
Another top device from YIHUA, the 8509 Micro Hot Air Gun 8509 Soldering Station is best choice with many stellar reviews from pros and DIYers alike. 

It features low noise, automatically cool-down, rotatable display screen, temperature correction, 3 storage presets and reasonable price, making this device an extremely popular option.

"I am well pleased with it, and can recommend it very highly," reported one customer who used to be employed at naval weapons and nuclear x-ray assembly facilities.
"For electronic work on circuit boards, jewelry making, and repair, as well as most model work, this unit will do it all. A high-quality tool, well worth the higher price."

The Best Soldering Iron 2022—Summary

For the best quality soldering iron for professional use, you can't beat this 8509 Soldering Station ($188.99), but for something a little more economical, you're guaranteed to love the YIHUA 8786D Rework station ($107.50).

We hope our review of the best soldering iron has been helpful.

For more suppliers of related products, including rechargeable cordless soldering irons, portable soldering irons, soldering iron tips, soldering guns,  and other soldering tools, consult our additional guides, or visit the Phonefix Platform.

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