Parts of Stereo Microscopes Review and Their Wide Uses 2022
Many parts of your microscope can be updated or replaced including microscope lamps, lenses, and eyepieces. Microscope accessories help to make the microscope more effective. Therefore, let us learn from Phonefix about microscope parts and function.
1. Microscope Cameras
Digital cameras allows for image capture (still or video) while specimens are being viewed. They are a great tool for use in industrial inspection, training or even in educational settings.

Cameras attach either through a microscope's eyetubes or through dedicated optical ports. It allows for manipulation and storage of images on a PC. Digital cameras use Wi-Fi, HDMI or USB technology to connect to PC's or other devices.

2. Microscope Heads
China Phonefix offers a wide variety of microscope heads – trinocular, binocular, zoom and stereo – which can be used with column stands and single or double arm boom stands.

Microscope heads are available in numerous magnifications and resolutions and are easily modified with interchangeable eyepieces, digital imaging systems, illuminations systems and lenses.

3. Microscope Illuminators & Ring Lights
Illuminators and ring lights are used to supplement available light in order to view specimens clearly. LED, fluorescent, halogen and UV light sources are available for specific applications.

Illuminators are available in numerous light intensities and include ring lights for stereo microscopes and single and dual gooseneck light models.

Microscope Eyepieces
Microscope eyepieces - or oculars - are used to magnify the primary image produced by an objective lens. Eyepieces come in focusable and non-focusable versions, numerous different magnifications and different eyepiece tube diameters.

Microscope Objective Lens
Objective lenses are mounted in a microscope's turret and are critical to the performance of a microscope as they are the lenses closest to the specimen being viewed.

The objective lens relays an image of the object being viewed to the eyepiece where it is further magnified. China Phonefix offers an industry-leading assortment of objective lenses in varying magnifications.

Microscope Adapters
Browse adapters to attach SLR/DSLR or USB cameras, convert power plugs when traveling, or use a ring light on an objective lens. Likes the CTV 0.5X 0.35X camera adapter for trinocular microscope C-mount lens.

Ring Light Adapters
Ring light adapters are required in order to attach a ring light to a stereo microscope objective lens. They come in various sizes (measured in millimeters) to accommodate different microscope models

USB Camera Adapters
Camera adapters are used to modify a microscope's stock camera port to allow for use of various types of cameras. China Phonefix carry a wide variety of adapters for use in most applications and with many microscope brands.

Power Adapters
Power adapters enable users outside of the US to use Phonefix's electronic components and parts. The adapter converts the power source to be used in various plug sources.

Microscope Slides and Coverslips
Microscope Slides and Coverslips Our microscope slide assortment includes a wide-variety of blank and prepared slides.

Prepared slides, which include professionally mounted samples of botanical, insect and animal specimens, are a great way to enhance a child or student's viewing experience.

We carry a wide-variety of blank slides and coverslips for professional, educational and at home use.


From cleaning supplies, replacement bulbs and dust covers to upgraded cameras, filters and objective lenses, Phonefix carries a broad assortment of products designed for all types of microscopes.

Wide Uses of Microscopes

Our microscopes are categorized into different microscope applications so that you can find the product that would best suit your needs. Here’s a quick summary of all the microscope applications:

Medical – From investigating blood-borne disease to taking care of a beloved family pet, medical microscopes cover a spectrum of capabilities, with many being very specific to the specialty field they cater to.
Environmental – Microscopy in the environmental field is nothing new, with applications ranging from field-testing air and water quality to bullet fragment analysis in controlled crime scene lab settings.

Geological – While the classic loupe will never go out of style, from gemstone analysis, grading, and fault detection to detailed oilfield mud sample analysis, microscopy in geological settings has become a science unto itself.
With highly specialized lighting and equipment for use in the lab and when working remotely in a potential oil field, we have the equipment you need at the best prices.

Metallurgical and Specialty – As our electronics get smaller and our knowledge of materials improves, specialized tools and methods have become a part of life for many different industries, and you can find the right microscope for your technical needs no matter what they might be. 
Microscopes are used in many different types of laboratories—medical, chemical, and industrial are just a few examples. Everywhere a microscope is used, microscope accessories are used as well. Phonefix's microscope accessories help to make the microscope more effective.

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