Using A Hot Air Rework Station for iPhone Repair

Sometimes, the components on the PCB can react in ways that are not desirable during removing broken or old Chips before troubleshooting the iPhone motherboard. Have no fear though, using a good ATTEN ST-862D Hot Air Gun rework station will help a lot.

Hot air guns allow you to remove IC and replace it after thoroughly cleaning and prepping PCB— use the same station to solder new pieces onto the existing PCB.

Hot Air Rework Station Use Guide

1. Place the Hot Air Rework Station on a clean and tidy workbench. Plug the power cord into the appropriate outlet.

2.Turn on the power using the button located on the front or side panel. Set the desired temperature and air flow and wait until the device is warmed up.

3. Aim hot air flow directly onto the connection pins of soldered (or desoldered) device being careful not to touch connection pins with the nozzle.

4. After melting the solder holding device connection pins remove the device using pliers or tweezers.

5. Set the power switch to the OFF position. This will automatically turn on cooling of the heater and nozzle.

6. After some time, it will automatically power off. You can then safely unplug the power plug from the outlet.

Tools for Repair

Besides a hot air rework station, you’ll need a few tools to rework a surface mount components on a board, such as Heat Insulation Silicone Pad

The tweezer type will depend on the job and personal preference. Solder Paste Flux can also help reflow solder joints.

Choose Your Nozzle

Most heat guns have a range of nozzles that can be fitted for specific uses, and generally these need to be purchased separately. The main types of nozzles are:

Reducer nozzle - when you want to concentrate the heat onto a specific area.

Reflector nozzle - wraps round a plastic or copper pipe to spread the heat around the pipe surface.

Flat nozzle - for spreading the hot air over a wider narrower area.

Glass protector nozzle - for use when stripping paint on a window to keep the direct heat off the glass.

Adjust Air and Temperature

The temperature and airflow of the hot air gun must be set properly according to the actual repair circumstances and the type of fixture.

Temperature Height Airflow
Desoldering & Soldering
of Resistor and Capacitor
365℃ 3-6mm 45
Chip Soldering  365℃ 3-6mm 45
Chip Desoldering 385℃ 3-6mm 45
Chip Reballing 345℃ 5-8mm 35

For iphone repair, the maximum speed and the maximum air flow is generally required - these settings are also needed for other jobs such as soldering chip.

Other Uses for Hot Air Rework Station 

There are other uses of the Hot Air Rework Station where having lower air flows and/or lower temperatures can be useful.

Drying paint or varnish - 30 to 130 °C - care has to be taken as dust particles may be blown onto the paint/varnish.

Softening adhesive under the trinocular microscope - 300 to 400°C.

Bending plastic pipes - 200 to 300°C.

Heat-shrinking plastic film - 200 to 300°C.

Welding some plastics - 330 to 400°C.

Hot Air Rework Stations Recommended:

QUICK 861DW Hot Air Gun

QUICK 2008 Soldering Rework Station

QUICK 706W+ Rework Station

SUGON 8620DX Hot Air Rework Station


1. Make sure to keep the hot-air gun moving to prevent any damage to the component or the PCB from burning.

2. Aiming the heat gun at the same point can melt the board after a certain period of time.

3. Certain components may be heat sensitive. Make sure to check the datasheet on the IC.

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