Amazing Digital Microscope with Cheap 4K Camera For Inspection PCB

After vision Engineering has announced the launch of it first 4K resolution digital microscope, we moved towards a digital microscope with camera, then we find a lots of amazing and cheap industrial camera. We realized the 4K digital microscope more useful and efficient than magnifying lamps or optical microscopes to repair Mobile phone.

Amazing Digital Microscope with Cheap 4K Camera For
To our surprise, 4K industrial microscope holds outstanding image quality. 4K resolution and wide dynamic range are suitable for a wide range of complex and high contrast applications.

For example, once a mobile phone main-board has been identified as faulty during quality control, repairing and reworking will most likely include hand soldering. However, due to the miniaturization of components in, e.g. smart phones and tablets, traditional tools such as magnification lamps and optical microscopes become insufficient or inexpedient.

Amazing Digital Microscope with Cheap 4K Camera For
We realized a digital microscope instead of traditional magnification tools to repair and/or rework defective boards will improve our experience and pave the way for more efficient quality control thanks to the bigger working area and real time image display. Wonderful!

Why we chose the Cheap Camera finally?

1. High quality live image

Inspect phone by looking at a monitor that displays live image of the object under the microscope, which allows us to take accurate decisions and perform precise inspections. When inspecting or repairing PCB’s, it is easy to observe any errors due to full HD display at 1080p and 60 frames per second. And there is no delay or distortion in the displayed images, which is crucial for repair.

4K digital microsope provide more fine detail with greater detail shadow and highlight areas - ideal for challenging inspection routines, including reflective subjects, for example solder joints, subjects in shadow, or subjects with low contrast, such as rubber and plastic.

2. Provides direct HDMI connection to the monitor for live display 

Amazing Digital Microscope with Cheap 4K Camera For
The 4K USB Industrial microscope provides direct HDMI connection to the monitor for live display with full control of zoom and all camera settings. It can extends its capabilities to include image capture, annotation, on-screen measurement, live overlays, data/image report generation and a range of image processing tools.

Achieved Multiview though a Big monitor

We can check for the quality of a PCB together with our colleagues by looking at a monitor that is connected to the digital microscope. This makes the process easier and with fewer errors as we can discuss and debate on different parts of the sample in real time, eliminating the subjectivity of an inspection. The additional microscope can not reach the require.

3. Ergonomics reduces the Stress on our Bodies.

Amazing Digital Microscope with Cheap 4K Camera For
For a long time, we have suffering neck pains, back pains and many other health related problems. When inspecting a PCB with a digital microscope or Industrial Vision Camera, we can stand even 8 hours in an uncomfortable position making it a difficult job, so the digital microscope greatly reduces the stress on our bodies.

Amazing Digital Microscope with Cheap 4K Camera For
Additionally, the 4K solution includes a wide range of stands and objectives, which delivers a flexible inspection solution equipped to deal with a wide range of demanding inspection tasks.

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