Ultimate Guide to Choosing PCB Layered Repair Preheater Platform

To repair iPhone logic board in fast and efficient way, we need the professional motherboard repair tools. Here Phonefix listed top 5 common Motherboard Layered Repair Pre-heater Platform. Check if it's what you want.

Top 5 Pre-heater Platform Reviews & Comparison

Model Temperature  Voltage Chip For iPhone
MJ CH5 100-300 ℃ 100-250V A11 A12 A13 For iPhone X-12Pro Max
Qianli Mega-IDEA 220-240 ℃ 110-220V A10 A11 A12 A13 For iPhone X-11 Pro Max
MECHANIC Aegis iT3 110-220V A10 A11 A12 A13 A14 A15 For iPhone X-13 Pro Max
JC iHeater 70-260 ℃ 110-220V A10 A11 A12 A13 A14 A15 For iPhone X-13Pro Max
SS-T12A 100-240V A11 For iPhone X

1. MJ CH5 Motherboard Layered Welding Platform

Ultimate Guide to Choosing PCB Layered Repair Preheater
MIJING CH5 Motherboard Layer Heating Platform comes with CH5 / CH5-BC / CH5-E grooves for iPhone X-12 Pro Max PCB disassembly and assembly.
The platform features precise positioning, precise temperature, rapid temperature rise, non-slip weight increase, digital display temperature, intelligent 15 minutes sleep, fast stratification, safe disassembly, no damage to the motherboard.

3-IN-1 Motherboard Desoldering Pre-heater Platform can be used for iPhone X / XS / XS MAX, support A11 A12 A13 CPU chip, and can reach 183° in three minutes and achieve extreme speed temperature rise.

2. Qianli Mega-IDEA Pre-Heating Desoldering Platform For iPhone X-11Pro Max

Ultimate Guide to Choosing PCB Layered Repair PreheaterQianli Mega-Idea Separator Heating Station is designed for removing IC glue, such as CPU, NAND flash, ect, fast Disassembly PCB, Heating Glue, Removing Chip on iPhone X XS XSMAX.

Temperature: 220 ℃ - 240 ℃
Available CPU models: A10, A11, A12, A13
Supports Voltage: 110V – 220V

This welding platform is used for reflow logic boards, Pre-Heating logic boards, also used for logic board separation by layers. It can help you removing the gum from the IC chips, remove and replace the IC chips.

3. MECHANIC Aegis iT3 Intelligent Temperature Control Preheating Platform

Ultimate Guide to Choosing PCB Layered Repair Preheater
Mechanic Aegis iT3 Pro preheating platform can be used for iPhone X-13 PRO Max motherboard layer separating and fitting, for iPhone Face ID dot projector CPU IC rear camera tin planting BGA desoldering glue removal repair.

The Mechanic iT3 Pro motherboard layered intelligent temperature control preheating platform can also be used for iPhone X-13 Pro Max/Face ID/CPU/IC/Rear camera repair.

4. JC iHeater Preheating Desoldering Station

Ultimate Guide to Choosing PCB Layered Repair Preheater
JC iHeater Preheating Desoldering Station Heating Plate for iPhone X-13 Pro Max FACE ID Android Motherboard Repair. It is a great motherboard preheating separating desoldering tools.

The 3rd Gen JC Aixun iHeater Full set(host with 14pcs modules) support iPhone X-13promax Android Face Bracket Glue remove module, and for iPhone X-13Pro Max PCB Teardown.

The platform features intelligent temperature control, protect the mainboard, soldering and desoldering, 70-260°C safety adjustable, digital tube display, and dual-button design.

Adopting integrated design of soldering and desoldering.the preheater platform is a great tools for disassembling and separating the mainboard.

5. SS-T12A Desoldering Pre-Heater PlatformUltimate Guide to Choosing PCB Layered Repair Preheater

SUNSHINE SS-T12A iPhone X upper and lower motherboard pre-heating station adopt special heating design and precise temperature control capability, which will locate accurately locate the needed heating part.

SS-T12A has dual bayonet design for keeping for iPhone X motherboard stable. SUNSHINE SS-T12A has EU, AU, and US plug, 110V or 220V for your choice.

The pre-heating station used high purity copper to guarantee heat transfer, which is not easy for deformed, durable and anti-wear.

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What do you think of these preheaters and which one would you choose, let me know in the comments.
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