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Video Tutorials

Since the establishment of the brand, our products have been favored by many professional mobile phone technicians such as JaiPhone, Cambo Fixing, Robson and celebrities from all over the world. At the same time, they also produced product usage and unboxing videos recording their experience. We hope these videos can help you make better use of our products.

JaiPhone Fixed Samsung A31 With i2C 2SEN NANO Soldering Station

i2C 2SCN 2SCNi 2SEN Nano Soldering Station is equipped with C210, C245, NT115 Handle and C245, C210, C115 soldering iron tips, and can used with OEM JBC T210-A, T245-A, NT115-A soldering Handle.

i2C 2SEN Nano Soldering Station heats up in 1 second and reaches 350℃ in 2 seconds, so the station is ideal for motherboard BGA IC electronic parts welding work.

Face ID Not Working? This is the newest method to repair it. If your Dot Projector has failed & you have a TrueDepth Camera failure, you’ll need to watch this tutorial.

The i2C i6S programmer is also a great for iPhone X-12 Pro Max Face ID repair, such as dot matrix data detection, reading, burning.

Remonter Repaired MSI RTX 2060 Super Graphics Card
FNIRSI-1014D is a two in one oscilloscope and signal generator launched by FNIRSI. It has comprehensive functions and high practicability. It is a cost-effective dual channel desktop oscilloscope for the maintenance industry and R & D industry.

7-45X White Microscope Reviews From JaiPhone

The white 7-45X trinocular industrial stereo microscope with 56-led ring light offers super widefield optics. Its high resolution offers with great flatness and contrast, giving sharp and clear image.

You can use it for industrial inspection, biological lab, manufacturing engineers, and semiconductor industries.
Item Name Accessories
7-45X Stereo Zoom Trinocular Microscope for PCB Inspection

A pair Rubber eyecups
A pair WF10X20 Microscope Eyepiece
56-LED Ring Light

ATTEN ST-862D Hot Air Rework Station Review From Jesse Cruz

Here’s Atten ST-862D Hot Air Station, Jesse Cruz made the video about Atten ST-862D Microsoldering and introduced usage in detail.

Item Name Specifications
ATTEN ST-862D 1000W Hot Air Gun BGA Rework Station For PCB Repair

1000W Whirlwind 20L-120L/Min, 220V/110V, 100 - 480℃

AIXUN T3A Review from Cambo Fixing

AIXUN T3A is a very popular smart soldering station and Cambo Fixing channel shows how to use it to repair headphones in the video. It can be used with T245 T210 T115 T12 936 Handles.
Item Name Handle
AIXUN T3A Soldering station

T245 T210 T115
T12 936 Handle

Aixun T3B Review by Jesse Cruz from VCC Board Repairs

The Aixun T3B Soldering Station costs under 150$, and Jesse Cruz compared it with Hakko and JBC. As world’s first 200W Full Intelligent soldering station, It has different types iron handle and tips for mobile phone motherboard BGA CPU IC repair.
Item Name Handle
Soldering station
T245 T210
T115 Handles

i2C T-12 Plus Review from Pongoncell Serviços  

i2C T-12 Plus soldering station holds double welding handles base. It heats up in 1 second and reaches 500℃ in 2 seconds. Pongoncell shows all details about the soldering station in the video.
Item Name Handle
 i2C T-12 Plus Soldering station T12 Handles

i2C BR-13 Review from Mr Phone Doctor

I2C Battery Data Programmer is designed for reading and writing iPhone 11-13 Pro Max battery data to remove Important Battery Information, renew iPhone Battery Cycle Data, and calibrate renovate iPhone Battery Health.

Pay attention to how Mr Phone Doctor resetting iPhone 11 battery date with it.

Item Name Accessories
i2C BR-11 Battery
Data Corrector
11-13 Extenal Cable

TX001 Review from Cambo Fixing

TX001 soldering iron is compact and portable, so we can take it anywhere anytime when we need soldering for repair. Cambo Fixing use it repairing small parts of AirPods in the video.

Item Name Accessories
TX001 Jump Wire Soldering Iron Soldering Iron Tips
66W QC Adapter

Videos update, so stay tuned! 

Video tutorials

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